The Sartoretto Verna Method

As top-quality pharmacy shopfitters, we understand the importance of creating a visually pleasing pharmacy interior design. And while creating a welcoming ambience is important, so is functionality. To run a successful pharmacy, you need to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. And this is where Sartoretto Verna™️ can help.

We excel at creating pharmacy designs that strike a perfect balance between ingenious interior design and high levels of functionality. Our extensive experience as pharmacy shopfitters allows us to offer a comprehensive range of pharmacy shopfitting services.

We undertake pharmacy refit and fit-out projects on both small and large scale. From concept through construction to completion, our services cover all aspects of pharmacy shopfitting. From ceiling and lighting design to bespoke pharmacy furniture and consultation room fit-out we offer an integrated design and shopfitting service. Be it a partial or full refit, our pharmacy shopfitters know how to take the design from drawing board to your pharmacy.

Comprehensive pharmacy shopfitting services. What we do

Pharmacy Counters

As pharmacy shopfitters we know how important pharmacy counters are. The counter is the centrepiece of a pharmacy. It is a point of sale and an area dedicated to customer service. 


As experienced and qualified shopfitters, we make sure sure that the pharmacy counter design and specifications reflect the many functions and individual needs of the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Dispensary & Pmeds

The pharmacy dispensary design has to be created with the utmost care and attention. An efficient dispensary layout and design can significantly boost your sales. It can make the dispensing process safer, more intuitive and much more efficient. A well-designed pharmacy dispensary is simple to use and simple to understand. It is convenient and comfortable to use for customers and pharmacists alike.

Such a dispensary is less likely to lead to errors and enforces the use of good pharmacy practices. As specialist pharmacy shopfitters we design the dispensary area with this knowledge in mind. Paying attention to your unique requirements, using innovative design and solutions, we create efficient and functional dispensary designs.

Consultation rooms

Pharmacy consultation rooms have become increasingly important for the success of a pharmacy. Consultation rooms provide a space for private counselling and help build stronger relationships with customers. 


As part of our pharmacy shopfitting services, we help create private, safe and efficient consultation rooms to assist you in delivering outstanding service to your customers.

Bespoke joinery

An efficient pharmacy layout and design relies on a profound understanding of each pharmacy’s needs. In order to ensure the success of a pharmacy refit, creating an efficient layout and design is key. Since each pharmacy has unique ways of working and unique requirements, talented shopfitters must find unique and bespoke solutions to adapt to these needs. 


Our design and shopfitting team does just that. With our dedicated manufacturing facility, we design and manufacture bespoke joinery to fit every pharmacy’s need.

Pharmacy Shelving

The right type of pharmacy shelving system can do so much more than to simply showcase your products. They are of utmost importance from the perspective of both design, functionality and form the basis of an efficient merchandising strategy. 


Our crafted shopfitting team and our in-house architects are aware of all these aspects. Working with quality materials, we design and manufacture bespoke pharmacy shelving systems adapted to every need.

Pharmacy Furniture

The design of the pharmacy furniture needs to meet the highest quality of standards. It should allow for the proper storage, display and dispensing of medicine. Well-designed pharmacy furniture should be both functional and aesthetic. 


At the same time, it should be flexible enough to meet even the most challenging design concepts. Achieving this requires a high level of creativity and expert design. Our pharmacy shopfitters and design specialists are ready to face these challenges.

Pharmacy ceiling design

Pharmacy ceiling design is an often neglected part of pharmacy interior design. But not with us. Ceiling design and installation form an integral part of our pharmacy shopfitting services. We believe that the ceiling can be so much more than a simple cover for hiding away ducts, pipes and vents. 


A well-chosen and installed ceiling can give your pharmacy a unique feel. It visually separates the different areas of your pharmacy and puts the most important areas of your pharmacy in the spotlight. With the right design, it can become one of the finest elements of your pharmacy. We can help you do just that.

Pharmacy lighting design

Pharmacy lighting is more than simple design and visual appeal. Well-designed and configured lighting fixtures entice customers into the pharmacy. If upon arrival they are greeted with a warm, inviting atmosphere, they are also more likely to stay. Creating lighting designs for pharmacies to achieve these effects, however, requires excellent craftsmanship. 


This is exactly what we do. As part of our pharmacy shopfitting services, we create lighting designs to give your pharmacy the shine it deserves.

Pharmacy shop front design

Pharmacy shopfront and signage design are vital for communicating your brand identity. A well-designed shopfront and signage is more than a simple, tangible representation of your brand logo. They speak volumes about you and your business. The way shoppers perceive you and your pharmacy is a deciding factor for your success. 


For these reasons, we pay particular attention to the pharmacy shopfront and signage design. As an integral part of our pharmacy shopfitting services, we create bold and creative designs to help give your pharmacy the attention it deserves.

Pharmacy waiting areas

Pharmacy seating areas can significantly impact how customers perceive the quality of your services. Providing patients with some form of seating furniture speaks volumes about the treatment they are about to receive. As a team of experienced pharmacy shopfitters, we know how much value pharmacy waiting areas can add to your business. 


Because of this, our shopfitting projects incorporate the design and fit-out of these spaces as well. We design, manufacture and supply bespoke, made-to-measure furniture, and help you create a space where customers feel welcome and relaxed.

Pharmacy flooring

Modern pharmacies need flooring solutions that comply with the highest standards of quality. Pharmacy floors need to be easy to clean and to maintain. At the same time, they should be long-lasting and resilient against daily wear. While functionality and safety are vital, pharmacy flooring also has a central place in the pharmacy interior design. 


Carefully chosen colours, materials and floor finishes complement and enhance the overall design. Combined with skilful ceiling and lighting design, they can create a real visual impact. And this is where our team of experienced and talented pharmacy shopfitters can help. We offer exceptional pharmacy flooring solutions tailored to every design, need and budget. Our floors are quick to install, easy to maintain and durable. And they never fail to impress.

Pharmacy exterior design

The exterior design of your pharmacy is the first thing people see about you and your business. It is therefore vital that it sends the right message towards prospective customers. 

Carefully created pharmacy exterior design attracts people’s attention and invites them inside. Being aware of the huge impact pharmacy exterior design has on the success of your business, we offer a wide range of pharmacy exterior design services tailored to every need.

Whether it is an independent pharmacy, a hospital one or a pharmacy chain, the Sartoretto Verna™ design method is the solution in relation to any need of SPACE, COMMUNICATION or FURNISHING. 


We design and realize pharmacies with the aim of optimizing and give value to the layout under a strategic and communicational point of view. 


We provide a 360-degree service. Thanks to an in-house staff of architects, structural engineers and graphic consultants, we organize construction works, and manage and co-ordinate the companies in compliance with agreed timings and costs.