Pharmacy furniture design


No pharmacies are alike. Modern requirements for an efficient pharmacy design looks at a tailor-made design.

Furnishing your pharmacy

There is a consistently growing need for modern pharmacies to display large quantities of medicines within a space as small as possible. Responding to this call is one of the biggest challenges in contemporary pharmacy furniture design.

While the front area of pharmacies tends to receive a lot of attention, the design goes well beyond that. Appropriate furniture and fixtures are needed in all areas of your pharmacy. To create an efficient and stylish furniture design, many aspects need to be considered.

pharmacy furniture

Firstly, it is important to choose the right type of furniture for each area of the pharmacy.  The furniture in the dispensary should help the dispensing process be more efficient. Pharmacy shelves and display tables in the front area should enhance product visibility. At the same time, they should complement the interior design and help your merchandising strategy. Above all, they should allow for an efficient use of the available floor space. Appropriate furniture for inventory should maximise storage space and help stock get organised. 

pharmacy furniture

Consultation rooms and waiting areas should be fitted with furniture that allows you to offer outstanding healthcare services.

Secondly, it is important to fit the pharmacy with furniture that makes the best use of valuable space. The furniture should enhance the properties of the building. Well-chosen and designed furniture enhances the interior design. At the same time, it can be a useful tool for highlighting interesting features of the building.

Furnishing your pharmacy efficiently, therefore, requires effort. It calls for creative solutions and innovative design.


Pharmacy furniture design considerations

Modern pharmacy design emphasises and demands the use of special, custom-made furniture. But what aspects should be kept in mind in the design of pharmacy furniture?

Pharmacy furniture should first and foremost be functional. Cleverly designed furniture allows for safe adequate storage of large quantities of medicine. It makes pharmacists’ job easier and helps them find and dispense medicine quickly. Efficient furniture design can also help keep products organised. This, in turn, makes the dispensing process more accurate and efficient.

SV RM MARZ  scaled

Lockable cabinets and drawers ensure the safe storage of prescription medicine.

Open pharmacy shelves and display tables, on the other hand, help customers discover new products and help an effective shelving strategy to be set in place.

Nonetheless, the furniture needs not just be functional. It should also be stylish. Modern pharmacy furniture is characterised by simplicity and functionality. Careful selection and combination of quality materials is, therefore, a key-point. If everything is accurately done, furniture gives your pharmacy a unique style and look. The design can further be enhanced by the appropriately chosen colour schemes. In order to meet the challenges of modern pharmacy design, unique and creative solutions are essential.

Outstanding visuals and functionality.

How can we help?

Pharmacy furniture design is a craft in itself. It requires a deep understanding of the sector and calls for careful and creative design. A suitable furniture design positively impacts your business at every level.


We are ready to meet the challenges of modern pharmacy design. Furniture design is an important part of our pharmacy shopfitting services. As a result, we pay careful attention to it. For the best results, our services include:

  1. the personalization of the pharmacy furniture, in line with your unique requirements and needs;
  2. the creation of 3D visuals and sample boards for your convenience;
  3. design, manufacturing and installation of bespoke furniture and joinery;
  4. setup and configuration of cutting-edge storage systems and solutions.


With over 56 years behind our backs, we know how to create stunning designs. We take pride in our customer-oriented approach to design. Our projects always start with an initial consultation. During this time, we make sure that we perfectly understand what our clients want and need. We create pharmacy furniture design by bearing that understanding in mind. This ensures that our furniture designs always meet your precise requirements and needs. 

As part of the design process, we carry out an on-site survey and take precise measurements. Once we are in agreement with the design, the manufacturing process starts. We then manufacture, deliver and install furniture that will match or even overcome your expectations. Working with a dedicated manufacturing facility, we create bespoke, custom-made furniture. Finally, if there is one thing we guarantee and are sure of, it is a stunning design along with a perfect fit and finish.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our pharmacy furniture designs in our gallery.