Sartoretto Verna™ a new pharmacy vision since 1965

We are an Italian company that is dedicated exclusively to the study of tools and methods for making pharmacists stronger and more recognized since 1965, all around the World.


Sartoretto Verna is the name of the family that for three generations has been running the company with over 100 employees.


Today we are the only company in the industry with pharmacies in 35 countries spanning 4 continents. Our forward thinking has often created trends in the pharmacy design field. We boast concrete and reliable experience, certified over the years by substantial increases in sales, in parallel with our customers’.



We were the first company in Italy to introduce pharmacy furniture that permitted the storage of a large volume of products per square meter and the first to introduce Schiller mobile cabinets followed by cabinets with drawers (R+R).

It is with the engineer Dr. Giovanni Sartoretto Verna (photo), that the Sartoretto Verna pharmacy story begins.

In 1965 Dr. Sartoretto Verna who was General Manager South America of Olivetti at the time, came up with the idea of importing and selling the pharmacy cabinets with drawers that are now commonplace. Escalating to importing a range of pharmacy furniture took no time at all.



We were the first to introduce the concept of layout in the pharmacy in Italy (Giuliani furniture), through modular metal systems (Itafarma).


In 1965 Guido Sartoretto Verna (photo) refurbished his first pharmacy: Santa Rosalia in Turin, with the collaboration of FR, Agenzia Tecnical

1992 – ®RAL SYSTEM 1


In 1992 we introduced micro-neon lighting to the inside of our modular furniture (Ral1) (architecture research snc).

®Ral System 1 has proven to be a huge success all over the world, completely renewed with its advanced technology and materials.

1998 – ®RAL SYSTEM 2


We were the first company to use aluminum for an entire range of pharmacy furniture (®Ral2) complete with displays, semicircular glass tympana, modular mono and double benches, and swiveling joints (architecture research snc).

2004 – ®RAL SYSTEM 4


We were the first to introduce cosmetics displays with curved lit plexiglass back panels (®Ral4) (architecture research snc).

2011 – ®RAL SYSTEM 5


We were the first company to introduce modular displays with LED lighting (®Ral5) composed of continuous shelves and price-holders, carter, visuals, flags, sails and rgb (architecture research snc)



We were the first to introduce strategy to the international pharmacy. Our experience with pharmacies all over the world and our decision to maintain in-house experts in our Italian offices allows our clients to keep up to date with new international trends. 

2015 – ®Easy chain, moduled modular system


We were the first to introduce a modular ABS system into the pharmacy. ®Easy chain has been designed with the aim to simplify the building and installation process.


®Easy chain is an Italian product, relatively new yet known world-wide, winner of the Cosmofarma 2015 prize for innovation and research and entirely recyclable.

2016 – ®RAL SYSTEM 8


We were the first to integrate a molded shelf with LED lighting for the best display of the products featuring a double-sided display for communicating category and price.


®Ral 8 is the latest product in the Sartoretto Verna range. The designers wanted to combine extreme versatility with the best way to expose the products to the customer.

2016 – An international team for an award-winning pharmacy


We were the first to build an in-house multilingual team of architects and engineers. Sartoretto Verna is one of a kind, composed of a group of specialists who can confront global challenges in the pharmacy market.


We work side by side with all of our clients throughout the entire process, offering expert consultancy with knowledge of the latest trends in pharmacy design, continuously working together with each individual’s business strategy.

2017 – #Capsula – the pharmacist’s creative lab


During 2017 we talked about Another Idea of The Pharmacy at various events, and throughout an innovative project called “#Capsula the pharmacist’s creative lab”.

Meet-ups, open days, presentations of new “phygital” products, forums and masterminds have accompanied us throughout this fantastic 2017 selling out every time!

This extraordinary adventure involved all the Sartoretto Verna staff, brilliant consultants and entrepreneurs, and hundreds of pharmacists from all over Italy.

2018 – ®RAL SYSTEM 6


A display with a classic and essential design, with traditional and at the same time modern lines. Thanks to its 6 different interior colors and its external hand-coated wood covering in gray and white, RAL® 6 becomes the perfect setting to showcase your products.

It allows you to offer a unique shopping experience thanks to its strong visual impact. It also helps you highlight sectors such as the natural one or premium cosmetics.

2019 – ®RAL SYSTEM 9


One display, countless possibilities

Its structure is made of aluminum uprights, easy-to-reposition glass shelves and a one-piece backlit Plexiglas visual. The combination of these elements allows perfect product visibility, effective communication and easy cleaning of the system.

RAL® 9 is perfect for any type of wall: it fits perfectly either straight and curved wall layouts. This is possible thanks to its U-shaped shelf bracket, which allows anchoring the top to the upright in different directions.

2020 – ®SIMON 2

Sartoretto Verna has always been very focused on our clients’ needs. This minimalist consultancy desk for the ethical area was born thanks to either our experience and the request of the world’s most famous hospitals. Mies Van der Rohe used to say “Less is more”.

This statement is at the very core of this Italian design patent desk.

Corian and plexiglass materials concur to create an idea of solidity and lightness in order to welcome the patient within an island of privacy being away from the rest of the pharmacy and improving either the one-to-one relationship with the pharmacist and the proposed treatment.



Sartoretto Verna™ presents ONE®️, the new modular system patented by Spazio Variabile™ to realize services in Pharmacy with no laying works, no lose of retail footage and no waste of time. ONE can be installed in 4 hours. And it will be available on-line soon.

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