The Sartoretto Verna Method

Whether it is an independent pharmacy, a hospital one or a pharmacy chain, the Sartoretto Verna™ design method is the solution in relation to any need of SPACE, COMMUNICATION or FURNISHING. 

We design and realize pharmacies with the aim of optimizing and give value to the layout under a strategic and communicational point of view. 

We provide a 360-degree service. Thanks to an in-house staff of architects, structural engineers and graphic consultants, we organize construction works, and manage and co-ordinate the companies in compliance with agreed timings and costs. 

Please find enclosed details upon the Sartoretto Verna™ method:

  • We build and structure the pharmacy identity throughout a sensible analysis of territory and competitors,
  • We define clientele’s commercial pathways, 
  • Product categories breakdown, 
  • Internal fittings organization, 
  • In-house and street signage and branding,
  • and so much more…

Sartoretto Verna™ works together with clients to design the future of their business by creating the most suitable solutions to their own needs. 


Our offer can be mainly summarized throughout a couple of consultancy services which can be referred to whether it is a renovation, extension or pharmacy shifting.  


Sartoretto Verna™ creates and structure your brand by designing a purchase layout able to develop a greater appeal and market differentiation as a whole. We pursue our goals throughout research, creativity and style. 


Please let us find the best service for you: book your first 30 mnt free-of-charge video-call with one of our expert consultants or come over directly in one of our showrooms.