Pharmacy Furniture ®Ral System 8

The most complete pharmacy furniture line


  • horizontal display
  • freestanding display
  • 6 separate pieces of product info
  • light shelving
  • 5 separate electro-conductive light sources
  • remote-controlled colored lights on the casing
  • easy-to-regulate and change accessories

®Ral 8 is the latest product in the Sartoretto Verna range. The designers wanted to combine extreme versatility of the furniture with the best way to expose the products to the customer. Summary of the main characteristics




About ®Ral 8


– ®Ral 8 is self-supporting, requires no fixed wall support, and can be organized, moved, and quickly placed in any part of your pharmacy

– ®Ral 8’s minimalism lends itself to being easily used indiscriminately in any area of the pharmacy because it is discreet by design and capable of making any product stand out

– It is composed of a large invisible drawer at the bottom used for storage; the middle is a series of shelves on adjustable racks and the top part is for communication

– Materials used are steel, abs, Plexiglas and glass, combined in the right measure communicating a professional atmosphere. The steel used for the load-bearing parts, shelves and feet are hidden from view by a container in abs that softens the feel of the whole display.
Rounded edges and finishes render the parts pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch. Plexiglas and glass are used for displaying information. The back of the display and the exposed surface of each shelf can be of a different material in order to make the products stand out or to distinguish between different product lines


About the products on display


How does the ®Ral8 give added value to products on display?

We know how important light is when it comes to highlighting the product displays which is why each shelf is lined with an LED running along the front which makes items stand out. The positioning of the LEDs is anti-glare and their easy maintenance means that shelves can be easily moved and adjusted according to your needs. Each shelf can be moved up to 2.5 cm. The light turns itself off as soon as the shelf is detached and turns on again once it is reattached. There are no exposed wires and the shelves can be safely moved and adjusted

– The front of each shelf has a double set of transparent Plexiglas holders, the lower part housing prices and information on the products and the higher part houses information on product the line

– The top part of the display is designed to hold a tilted glass panel (carter) and a high vertical visual for additional information on the use of the line/area/logo case. The latter has a diffused LED light creating a great atmosphere. As an alternative to the carter/glass visual, it can be fitted in metal with a magnetic communication system

– The space between each display exhibitor is designed to contain a shaped Plexiglas partition with scattered LED lights which is particularly useful when you want to highlight a sector when there are a series of continuous walls. The top part can house a Plexiglas flag for communicating the area in which the customer is located, in parallel to where they are without having to look at the front of each display. There is no other display as complete as this that can offer 6 levels of information about products on display and is so easy to use


Sartoretto Verna believes today as it has always done, in the ability of a pharmacy to attract and satisfy clients that are ever-more demanding.

Impeccable displays

  • antiglare lights integrated into the shelving
  • lights(flags/sails etc.)
  • stock drawers on wheels for easy opening
  • blister hook supports
  • sail dividers
  • flag dividers
  • integrated price holders
  • integrated category holders
  • Plexiglas stepladder
  • Plexiglas anti-theft system
®Ral System 8 with lights built into the adjustable shelves where you can display 6 pieces of product information

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