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Welltopia was conceived throughout an intuition of its Pharmacist Omar Eliwa willing to create a new Pharmacy to be different and with an European fresh look to be focused on the high-end community of Thiensville, Wisconsin, and to be realizing “a modern feel with history”.

The idea was to create a compounding pharmacy answering not only the health and wellness needs of community patients, but that could become a focus and magic point to receive a specialist  consultancy or more simply a tea cup.

A special Pharmacy where to hang around and get wellness treatments, beyond the fact of receiving a medical therapy. The category aim was settled and a creative idea was meant to get the purpose, something referring not only to the front end, but also to the graphics and the whole indoor space.


The Pharmacy is situated at the ground floor of a building used as a clinic: the Thienville Health Alliance. The 200 sqm space has got two accesses, a pedestrian one to be shared with the clinic lobby and the other one on the car-park side.


It was not only about planning the Pharmacy interiors but a brand-new Brand. The project involved everything including all the interior graphics package to create a natural and vitamin-oriented message. They were the two main categories of the Pharmacy and were highlighted throughout different colors: green and salmon. 

In the middle of the layout a birch trunk was placed and enriched with signs to be addressing patients toward different Pharmacy areas. The floor layout was aiming at easily reaching the drop-off and pick-up desks, but a short pathway full of commercial surprises was organized in that respect.  There was then the “island table” to sip an herbal tea and be addressed by the Pharmacist upon one’s own needs. Every single element leads to the health concept and it has been created to spread out positive feelings.