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The customer  Svetnaya (which stands for ”color” in the Kazakh language) is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Kazakiztan. Its booming network includes over fifty pharmacies in nine cities around the country and covers 8% of the local market. Its mission implies the creation of a “New Generation” of pharmacies up to the European level, with modern sales techniques and where one can easily receive the best professional advice.


Sergey Vartan, CEO and Development Director of the pharmacy chain Svetnaya, and Alexander Reshetov , Quality Director, explain : ” We chose Sartoretto Verna to  carry out the project of our new drugstore because we wanted it to boast a modern design and technology. Aport is one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Central Asia, our aim was to open a new pharmacy brand that could impress and win our customers’ loyalty. The furnishing provided fits perfectly the design we strived for. Our plan of dividing the pharmacy in commodity areas is based on the Sartoretto Verna’s principles of merchandising and layout.” According to the managers of Svetnaya, the chain needed to improve communication and category management. Architects of Sartoretto Verna could easily realize their ideas because of their wide range of knowledge, and their services are not just limited to consultancy. They have completely reorganized the merchandising sector. ” Every stage of the work , starting from the concept presentation up to the furnishing installation was carried out on time and with excellent quality ,” said the manager.


The pharmacy chain Svetnaya is characterized by modern look, with vivid and rich colors. According to the traditional values of the brand, the pharmacy must take care of health and beauty of its customers. Simplicity and accessibility are a must. Sartoretto Verna developed a new detailed concept coping with these very principles. The pharmacy can boast amazing design with glass décor and aluminum, diffused but not invasive light, clear communication and marketing space . The goal is to create an atmosphere where the client feels at ease but at the same time can be stimulated and distracted from the relentless shopping. The goal is to provide the clientele with a unique experience. According to Sartoretto Verna vision ” the environment is not only the visual component, it is also sensations which can be conveyed only by living the place in its entirety and beyond the preliminary visual approach”.


The Aport Pharmacy Logo is implemented throughout the shape of flower chain. There is a special place for consultation and prevention services at the center of a room, which is situated under the starry sky with golden light premarin medication. Two series of displays representing the petals are arranged inside and outside the circle. The customer can walk freely in the pharmacy but still the entire pharmacy cannot be seen. The purchaser pathways is supposed to make him discover new products and corners in a pleasant way. A single color associated with the colors of the logo was attributed to each commodity according to a special scheme which will be applied to the entire chain. Such a system gains public loyalty: consumers have an incentive to come back to the pharmacy because they can easily find the products in each drugstore of the chain thus becoming habitual customers.


Two single- seat counters were placed at the entrance working as a welcome area. For the first time the shop operators here are no longer at the mercy of products since the client is primarily informed and guided to purchase. A professional team is always at client’s disposal, in addition to that there are specialized areas for consultations, care and beauty treatments. Welfare is the common goal for Sartoretto Verna. A pharmacy increases its profits when it copes with these points because consumers more willingly buy after being provided with a precious piece of advice.


A thorough study was made in order to improve the window and sign of the pharmacy, so that to take advantage of the great location of the pharmacy in a mall just in front of a store with high attendance. The complete transparency of shop windows is supposed to attract customers. It gives the possibility to see the interiors of the pharmacy which seems incredibly articulated thanks to the special layout; the ceilings and bright colors of the furniture make the place visible from a long way out. The result is an increase of impulse purchase customers.


A special rebranding campaign of the pharmacy chain was worked out by Sartoretto Verna just for the pharmacy venue in Aport Mall. Its location, structure, communication and merchandising sector were extensively gone through. The notion of “Services” was newly introduced there. Moreover a special training was held in Rome for the managers of the pharmacy. Experts of the pharmaceutical and make up industry took part in it. Implementation time was really fast; only two months passed from the project presentation in Rome to the pharmacy opening. The expected delivery date was met. The project “Aport” is a part of restructuring of the entire chain which includes, besides this, the realization of another pilot store  in a new shopping center Mega2, destined to become the largest shopping center in Central Asia.


According to reports received from the staff of the pharmacy, customers of the #2 new pharmacies: Aport Mall & Mega2 are satisfied with the product positioning and at ease with walking in the pharmacy. People are just impressed by lighting and variety of colors. A few days after the beginning of October the shop’s visitors attendance substantially increased. The concept worked out by Sartoretto Verna is already a success and strengthens original  image of the brand Svetnaya in a way which is approved by its customers and contributing to increase sales.


Total area: 187 sqm.  /  Area open to public: 152 sqm

Correlation between area opened to public and total area: 81%  /  Exposition: 58 ml