Romano pharmacy

Via Valle, 151, 83035 Grottaminarda AV

Romano Pharmacy in Grottaminarda, Avellino, is now a reference point for community health and wellness, thanks to a careful renovation that transformed the environment into a welcoming, technologically advanced, and customer-focused space.


The renovation of Romano Pharmacy is based on an innovative concept that centers on the needs of the customer-patient, offering a complete and personalized experience. The main goals of the project drafted with the architect Adelina Picone are:

  • Improving the customer-patient experience: Creating a modern and welcoming retail environment that facilitates orientation and product search, offering personalized assistance and consultation services.
  • Increasing efficiency: Optimizing layout and equipment for more efficient space and time management, ensuring fast and precise service.
  • Developing brand image: Communicating an image of professionalism, innovation, and customer care through coherent visual communication and an engaging brand experience.
  • Promoting the pharmacy as a center for health and wellness: Integrating health and beauty services to meet the needs of a public increasingly attentive to their psychophysical well-being.


The new concept of the pharmacy is based on a careful combination of design, technology, and services:


  • Bright and welcoming environments: The spaces are characterized by a palette of neutral and bright colors that create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, enhanced by a bright white ceiling and wooden furnishings.
  • 3 dedicated service rooms: The pharmacy offers three rooms dedicated to health and beauty services, equipped with cutting-edge equipment to ensure a personalized consultation experience.
  • Digital technology at the service of the customer: The automated drug system, digital screens integrated into custom wooden seating, and a digital signage system ensure an efficient and intuitive shopping experience.
  • Attractive visual communication: The coordinated image, logo, and internal graphics help to communicate an image of modernity and professionalism.
  • Strategic partnerships: Collaboration with architect Adelina Picone, professor of architectural and urban composition at the University of Naples Federico II, and Dr. Enza Romano, co-owner of the pharmacy with her brother Dr. Aristide Romano, allowed for the realization of an innovative and high-quality project.

The new Romano Pharmacy represents a benchmark for the sector, demonstrating how technology and design can be tools to create a 360-degree health and wellness experience. Sartoretto Verna™, with its many years of experience in the sector and deep knowledge of market needs, contributed to realizing this innovative project, which stands as an example of excellence for Italian pharmacies. We are confident that the new Romano Pharmacy will be a success, a place where customers will feel welcomed, heard, and supported in their wellness journey.