Nazer Pharmacy Hospital

Jeddah (KSA) |



Increasing visibility and importance of your Hospital


In order to increase visibility and importance of your Hospital / Clinic Outpatient Pharmacythere are #5 fundamental points to be coped with: Location, Experience, Waiting areas, Prescription &Consultation, Front-end.


The aim of the project was to comply with and stress the above pharmacy areas, but also tohave a premium approach to patient care, as well as a strong motivation to create a total seamless patient journey and experience.


This is the 2nd Pharmacy realized on behalf of the important company “My Clinic”.


The pharmacy is organized on 1 floor taking place beside the Clinic lobby.


A very simple space planning. We started our design from the back of the pharmacy, the operative area of the pharmacists to work quickly and smoothly. So we positioned #12 Pharmacy Drawers columns right in the middle, and all around #4 techs desks with an open window to rapidly communicatewith the pharmacists throughout the prescription area made of #4 big refrigerators, a small open space office desk for the pharmacist director, and some check order desks clustered beside the stock space. Optimization of the space is the “key word”.


We wanted to create something modern but with an Arabic soul up to the interior decorations.


We have created new generations of prescription counters with connected privacy screens. We want the patients to have their privacy and serenity to discuss their private therapies. But the new counter Simon2 is also a design piece of furniture, with a customer centered approach, where the pharmacist is comfortable and has got behind all the technologies positioned, in a smartand customizable way.


The waiting area is just in front of the prescription counters but it looks like an island of pleasure, stylishly organized with soft and comfortable seats. We want the patients to feel good and cozy.And then feel free to move around.


Quality fixtures aimatshifting the attention on products in a professional way. Positioning strategically a cash counter or advice counter for products events will help to make sales on advice increase.