Via Ostiense, 220, 00142 Roma – Tel 06 290952


The aim was to open in Rome a new pharmacy resulting from the public concourse lists, and make it succeed.


Dr Maria Cristina Murone worked for years in her pharmacy located in Montepaone (province of Catanzaro) just a few kilometers away from Soverato, a renown touristic place on the Ionio Sea.


The realization of a new pharmacy granted thanks to the public concourse within the Latium Region is an occasion to start a new professional and successful adventure within a big city, together with Murone’s son, freshly graduated.

It was certainly an uneasy pathway, especially at the beginning, because of the difficulty in finding the proper layout within the given dwellings. Thanks to a team-work putting together different motivated professionals, we gave reality to the opportunity to run a modern pharmacy with five shop windows along Via Ostiense, an arterial street beside the “Roma Tre” University.


LUNA, is a new proposal. A luminous pharmacy, welcoming, fresh, and conceived to make people feel attracted, curious and create an interaction with a wide range of clients. Residents. But university students as well.


The wide shop windows are visually clean and transparent, they connect the pharmacy with the outdoor pedestrian passing by along Via Ostiense. The suspended ceiling was decorated with six circular hanging panels, finished with lenticular images telling the story of The Legend of The Lunar Rabbit.


After entering the pharmacy, one is facing the information desk, where it is possible to book or be attended upon the services happening within the two generous consultation rooms behind the beauty area.

The clients look up an

d are reassured and surrounded by a starlight blue sky. Positivity, energy and willingness to discover are in there. The Plexiglas central stands toward the OTC area make any visitor unwilling to get away. This is the place to stay within, understand what is offered, take care of one’s self. The meeting area with table and chairs invites to delve into the precious pharmacist’s advice.