29 Rue de Moedling, 4246 Esch-sur-Alzette IN EUROPE …

Fleur de Vie   min


The city where this pharmacy is located is called Esch-Sur-Alzette and it was one of the most important European steel plants, chosen for the 2022 european capital of Culture together Kaunas in Poland. 

The goal was to find a link between the land and the fleur de vie and the result lies in the very energy that both give off: a powerful, primordial, destructive and fiery energy that distilled through the petals of the Flower of Life.

There is a transition between the two that represents the transition from illness to healing through self-care.

This dichotomy is summarized at the entrance with the curved mechanism and the flower of life on transparent glass, as well as:


  1. the backlit sheets with images of the blast furnaces at the entrance that fade towards the prescriptions counter with soothing colors.
  2. in the green iron liberty arches typical of iron and steel architecture that break down the pathway until they converge into a huge Fleur De vie on the ceiling right above the pharmacist.
  3. in the tiles that evoke blast furnaces and that change color as they go towards the counters 
  4. In the categories that start from terminology that is related to care right up to the last ®Ral System 8 display near the doctor’s office with the word “healing” (and in the sentence that defines healing “a marvel we discover by chance along a journey”)

The style is Victorian steampunk with a steam train and all of its esoteric references typical of the era.

This pharmacy represents the essence, thoughts and beliefs of an extraordinary pharmacist in a careful and almost maniacal way.

Fleur de Vie   min


“Let yourself be guided and surprised…” With this phrase at the entrance, the customer path of the new pharmacy begins. 


At the end of 2018: the “container” pharmacy was the largest and most innovative in Europe. 


There are a multitude of concepts and innovations inside and they are part of Dr Stouffs personal idea of “all round health” in which nature and sacred geometry are fused, esotericism and spiritual energies of the Victorian era, to be precise, steampunk.


The Steampunk Health center

“Come in and let yourself be guided and surprised”, you will find 1200 square meters of health from a pharmacy, to a blood analysis center, massage rooms and more… 


As soon as you go up the stairs or in the panoramic lift (the pharmacy is on the first floor), you might be surprised to find an invitation to leave your phone  charging so that you can “… be free of time and space …”


A curved led wall almost 4×3 meters (the first in the world installed in a pharmacy thanks to the partnership with Farmasì) will guide you to the entrance with its welcome desk where you will find a new vibrating queuebuster and a pharmacist ready to direct you.


The reception area was created with the sophistication of the new Sartoretto Verna ®Ral System 6 furnishing system, in the color mauve.


Behind the dome, 2 rotating rocking chairs give space for relaxation, sparking interest, even for the little ones.


The pharmacy then continues with a huge assortment of typical products.

The ®️Ral System 2 furnishings of the old pharmacy have all been reused and upgraded with the latest technologies.


®️Ral System 8 displays with white led-lined shelves have been inserted on the lateral walls to enhance the lighting of the products as well as 3d wave shaped plexiglass visuals. 

There are 15 stations at the count

er, all fitted with the existing robots plus a second one that is double in size. 

At the center, 4 petal-shaped rooms from the flower of life are available for a wide range of consultations. 


They have been named after the 4 elements (earth, wind, water and fire) and are represented by their relative geometric shapes. 

Consultation Rooms


Again at the center you will find a POP UP area showcasing the latest product lines which through the resin fleur de vie on the floor, are charged with positive energy and are then moved onto the shelves. 


Another 4 side rooms provide additional space for specific purposes such as 

  • orthopedics
  • nutrition
  • generic self-analysis 

In front are 2 additional led wall screens that display the values and mission of the pharmacy.


The prescriptions counter have curved glass that mimic petals and provide privacy for more delicate and quick sales.  

At the back you can see the curved roof of the corridor with a rust corten finish, that connects the analysis and massage areas. The stone on the walls is backlit and has dreamlike qualities. 


Fleur de Vie   min

Watch the video and be surprised by the largest pharmacy in Europe