Deira City Centre, 8th Street, Dubai (UAE) |


The target was to develop a green Pharmacy branch inside the Dubai’s 3rd most frequented shopping mall for the number 1 Pharmacy Chain in UAE: Aster Pharmacies.  A Pharmacy chain but a world friendly Pharmacy as well. A place which could pass on the idea of biological and organic.


The premises are situated on the 1st Floor of the Deira City Centre and it is just outside the cash point at the Carrefour way out. The shape was long and narrow with wide shop windows  and entries and exits on both sides.


The request was to create something different which could meet Carrefour clients’ attention up to make them enter the adjoining Pharmacy.


The location, inside a Mall, was involving many premises rules. The majority of them was in fact limiting a bit the display meterage.


The idea behind the whole project was revolving around the concept of sustainability, which is one of the issues behind the Dubai Expo. It was about to set up the first “Green Pharmacy” in the Emirates, a place made of all natural and eco-friendly materials.


We have created with this project something ecological and sustainable with an appealing atmosphere already in line with the oncoming Expo event.


Natural wood has been part of the fittings, as well as organic material such as grass, leaves and flower petals, clay paints, stabilized mosses and LED & bamboo lights. Natural elements matching digital ones, since we also used some “selfcash” cash points, LED screens releasing natural images in conjunction to the galaxy of services which are offered by Aster to its clients and proximity marketing. Some backlit panels were showing all the commercial categories of the Pharmacy with a graphic concept which was kept very elegant and never aggressive. We worked together all the Aster team to create a new clear languages for macro & micro merchandising categories.


Also the gondolas in recyclable plexiglass and natural wood have contributed to create a unique and alternative atmosphere, a little oasis with a green ceiling where it is possible to breath and receive advice right in the middle of the Shopping Mall.