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Concept farmacia clinica
The new Almoosa Specialist Hospital in AlHasa
Almoosa Pharmacy _ The Waiting Area
Concept farmacia clinica Almoosa
A private Prescription Area. Pharmacist & Patient, sitting, are protected by a leaf-shaped, colored Plexiglas barrier


Almoosa Pharmacy #2 is an unexpected place, a not so commercial one. A space in which the relationship between pharmacist and patient is the priority. Patient is meant to be protected and guided throughout the best treatment ever


One can relate to a pharmacy as a place driven by speed. Pharmacists are frenetically devoted to their clients… “Who is next?”…


We have tried here to make time be still (or at least get a slow-motion trend) by realizing a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, and an unexpected one. A “covid free” area… but also a “stress free” one.


One is waiting to talk to the Pharmacist. One can sit at the pharmacist counter desk in order to know the provided advice in detail, the treatment proposed by medical consultants.


The waiting area takes place within an open dome made of Glulam wood, a sort of “natural hug” making patients feel fluctuating within a tranquil “limbo”. Comfortable sofas in different shades of green are arranged inside. Other devices comprehend small informational screens and accessories such as battery rechargers for integrated mobile phones.


Screens release relaxing videos to be mixed with the sequence for prescription desk lines.

almoosa pharmacy hospital proj
The project of the new pharmacy inside the Almoosa hospital in Alhasa (Saudi Arabia)


A new Pharmacy Concept for taking care of patients


A pharmacy more focused on listening and advising. A not so commercial environment where experience is a distinctive element and privacy a value to be protected


Our Client’s requirements were to leave behind any commercial logic to think back of people as patients, and strive for properly handling their emotions. The concept started from the person and headed to the patient, placing the same right in the middle of everything, like a protagonist of a personal journey.


The targets were sharing therapies, making patients feel really taken care of, as if they were at home, welcomed and protected along with their privacy.

  • Treatment (adherence to treatment, questions professionally attended, problem solving, information)
  • No Stress (relaxation, appropriate music, naturality of the environment with preference for cold nuances)