Dharan St, Alfaisal District, Al-hasa (KSA) |



A beacon of health and wellness


The new Al-Moosa General Hospital is an avant-garde private health care center in Al Hofuf, the Al Hasa Oasis’ main city, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. A new 12-storey tower block was built to provide more space for hospital beds, laboratories, medical units, a wellness center, a day hospital and, last but not least, the first Sartoretto Verna pharmacy in Saudi Arabia. The CEO Malek Al Mousa gave the architects “carte blanche” over the 450 sqm space on the ground floor.


A careful analysis was done on the local environment and consumer habits.


Sartoretto Verna created the concept for a hospital pharmacy open to the public, welcoming yet functional, adapted to the needs of its people and their desire for innovation. Together with the hospital, the pharmacy is a beacon of health and wellness for Hofuf and the whole region, home to circa 1.8 million people. This pioneer project demonstrates Sartoretto Verna’s ability to perform in the GCC countries.



Challenges and Solutions


Designed as an integral part of the Hospital, the Pharmacy is the expression of Sartoretto Verna’s vision. The scope was to create a close link between the customers and the environment. Representing a clear break from the traditional Saudi Pharmacy, the project aims to make the most out of the space and give more to its customers.


A ‘butterfly wing’ display has been introduced to leverage the space and create the effect of surprise.


Central aisles feature floor to ceiling ®Ral System 2 displays separating the large space into two areas. They create a more inviting environment for people to discover what’s on offer.


There is plenty of space meaning the pharmacy is adaptable to all patients including those with mobility disabilities. The colder tones give the feeling of freshness that has a positive effect especially during the summer months when the temperatures are high.


The Pharmacy has two entrances, one that leads from the hospital and another onto the street. Three large transparent glass windows amplifying the visibility of the pharmacy render it almost part of the street outside. The personalized neon signs in Arabic and English make it a presence on the high street. A welcome area with ®Ral System 2 counters and mounted TV screens act as a reception by the entrance. 


The elegant cosmetics area with curved Ral System 4 displays can also be used for health and hygiene, and is clearly identifiable by color and displays.


Many spaces can easily be converted into private consultation areas separately organized for men and women. 


Diapers and milk are readily available, are well conceived and divided by category, located next to children’s play area.


To house the vast assortment of products of this Hospital Pharmacy Ral System 1 displays with RGB lights and Ral System 2 displays with rectangular tympanums have been used. Mobile shelf displays with end aisle and leaflet holders help customers choose independently, consequently facilitating impulse purchases. Prescriptions desk features three large ash wood ®Oliver counters with transparent showcases, a large wooden worktop behind the counter and lighted panels for over-the-counter medicines.