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Sartoretto Verna was actually in charge of reorganizing and creating a new concept for the Saudi Arabia’s second most important Pharmacy chain.


Something unique and functional was requested such as reorganizing all the macro and micro products categories in order to accomplish a new model of Pharmacies which could be different from the one currently in use. In that respect, a new scheme of commercial pathways and clients based services needed to be studied. The indoor graphic communication to be supporting the shopping also needed to be reconsidered either for the existing pharmacies and for the new ones.



The Pharmacy market was basically constituted up to Sartoretto Verna’s intervention by a panorama with a relentless repetition of the same premises layouts. The fittings were all the same: lots of cold LED lights hanging on flat suspended ceilings, shop windows covered by myriads on nappies and no chance to appreciate a sort of interior planning. The majority of pharmacies had the counter desk immediately placed at the entrance and were creating very many cold areas without any walking pathways and impulse purchase occasions.


The new concept, resulting into a manual of guidelines to be passed on throughout all the management, has been often used as a support and educational brochure for all the Pharmacy Chain Staff. The manual was pinpointing #3 levels of indoor communication to be organized in macro-categories, micro-categories and a third level concerning the shelves. On top of that, spaces for communication events and promotions were foreseen for the first time ever. All the visual communication and the one displayed on both the gondolas and the wall display were also re-ordered on more effective terms. Some guidelines were enacted to conform all the pharmacies of chain to standard principles, even the ones more practically obsolete we affected along this line.


Sartoretto Verna designed and implemented for this specific concept a new line of fittings called “Easychain”. The new concept invested over #50 pharmacies of various sizes throughout Saudi Kingdom.


Our consultancy was aimed at coping with the issues on both the front-end and back operational areas of pharmacies. There logistics problems of space and all the retail meterage had to be reconsidered under a more functional layout.


The outcome was accomplished as a fresh start. The Saudi pharmacy panorama benefited from the new concepts and colors introduced by Sartoretto Verna. The subdivision of categories was set in place by introducing different colors. A visual reminder on both the floor finished level and ceiling structured throughout colored circled helped the client to get an orientation inside the Pharmacy spaces, even in the case of extensive ones.


Sartoretto Verna coped with all the details, from the little to the most articulated ones.