Increasing the pharmacy clients

Increasing the pharmacy clients with the WORD OF MOUTH. Please find enclosed the “ready-to-use form” for getting reviews…

Increasing the pharmacy clients with the WORD OF MOUTH. Please find enclosed the “ready-to-use form” for getting reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Increasing the pharmacy clients

In case you are thinking of widening the clients’ audience, do not underestimate the efficacy of WORD OF MOUTH.

The word of mouth is the most powerful strategy par excellence. It sounds a bit obvious, but PR public relationships are still the most effective method to create value within your pharmacy and attract clients.

How to set Word of Mouth amongst people?

The majority of people rely on information and standpoints released by people they trust: friends, relatives, colleagues, school mates, neighbors… all individuals somehow closely connected with each person.  

This “social network” is paramount for our actions and our decision-making steps. The opinion of a person we trust concerning a brand, a product or a service is basically more convincing than any other info.

There is an example we may quote below: if we bought a product for our hair, we would certainly rely on a reliable source such a relative or a friend who may have tried that particular product before us.  

We would listen to our source’s opinions, his feelings related to the product performances, and we would strive for getting an accurate advice… so first and foremost we would primarily make up our mind about this other purchase experience.   

In order to create a positive word of mouth it is essential to create a purchase experience very positive as well. This is more important than selling a product. It is about our own brand, our Pharmacy.

Some pharmacies are always searching new solutions and original ideas to attract new clients. A little more commitment and customer care could also be good enough to create a positive image.  

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aumentare i clienti in farma

How can one create a positive experience?

In order to make client feel comfortable and get back to your Pharmacy, it is vital to create a positive purchase experience. That is, leaving a good memory within the people who purchased a product / service within the pharmacy.

The abovementioned points can be achieved throughout six easy steps: from the phase prior to the sale to the one after the sale takes place.   

A few easy and effective precautions may be taken to positively affect clients. Please find enclosed the same:

  • The environment

The interiors which the client deals with are essential! They are likely to be the first thing to be noticed. It is the first variable being part of the “experiential” game. The environment must be alike your own reference target and be in harmony with your brand. Any client must be at ease within.

  • The attitude

The way to approach the client makes all the difference. In that respect clients’ needs and their personalities must be perceived in order to adequately respond and behave accordingly. A good range of empathy, them will be helpful to reach the target.  

  • The dialogue starts from the client’s level and goes up to the wanted step

Have you ever tried to conclude a statement started by your client? In that respect, it is important to meet your client’s needs, use his own very same words, support his believes and then progressively lead him throughout the anticipated pathway.

  • Honour the pledge

Facts do matter. Meeting deadlines and be on time with deliveries of products and services are for example the basics, the fundamentals. Never make promises which cannot be kept! Even in relation to a product performances, it is important that it reflects the package descriptions and what was previously disclosed.  

  • Listening

Listening to a client does not only mean focusing on your client’s request, but also registering his own needs, constraints, advice concerning the service improvement, complaints etc. And so, in order to create a positive experience, it is necessary to be present straight after the purchase, which means being interested and available also after the sale phase.

  • Set wheels in motion to get into the “WOW EFFECT”

The positive experience is the first step to generate a spontaneous flow of word of mouth amongst potential clients. The positive experience alone is not enough. The WOW effect is needed too. And also a “call to action“ can be the leverage to start the word of mouth and attract new clients.

Here is an example: if a sale has been carried out and the client looks satisfied about his purchase, he is likely to talk upon his experience without being urged, amongst friends, as soon as he has in a position to do so. Alternatively, a request to leave a review on your Pharmacy Facebook or Google page may be explicitly sent through. This is in order to spread your reputation through other people interested in your product or service. Other forms of marketing may include the “come along with a friend” proposal.

WOW effect

Make your clients amazed, give them a story to be told! An amazing environment, a communication capable of transmitting your values and your territory, new technological instruments and the use of a right design and light to stimulate clients’ senses are the ingredients to be used to surprise your clients who will not be able to wait to tell you their own experience.  

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aumentare i clienti in farmab
Lapucci Pharmacy at Fiano Romano – project and design by Sartoretto Verna™

Reviews attract other reviews

If your transform your clients in fans, they will be willing to leave you their review. There is a huge amount of clients (up to 75%) willing to leave a review. However, only a 3-7% of them do so… How come? Because the majority of pharmacies do no task clients anything like that. We have prepared a model that it will permit you to successfully get reviews. Are you a pharmacy owner?  Join our “Winning Pharmacy” Group  HERE and you will get our material for free.

I want eventually to point out that the following rules are worth being noted either concerning the offline and the online. In fact, for example, if we define a retail space interiors as the amount of colors, music, and furniture layout within the Pharmacy, in case we refer to a website we must intend its own layout, its writing style and its images.  

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Luca Sartoretto Verna

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