Zoren Pharmacy: a new evolution of Pharmacy in Midwest Nashville

Zoren Pharmacy: a new evolution of Pharmacy in Midwest Nashville


Zoren Pharmacy is not only a locally owned Independent Pharmacy, it actually has become a coffee & care place to stop by in Clarksville, Tn. Instead of the usual big box Pharmacy full of low quality gondolas and plenty of products everywhere, we strived for designing a cozy and “wow” HEALTH place where to stop, buy medicines and feel good. A Pharmacy & Gifts place to linger on and in the meanwhile be educated and entertained about health and wellness. A Pharmacy experience.

 SV realized a lifestyle experience, an emotional space representing the EVOLUTION of American pharmacies. A pharmacy where the products are displayed with a clear communication and all the spaces could be changed and rearranged again and again in compliance with either seasonal changes or the informative events and happenings. The pharmacy offers local, natural and international products; the goal is to keep the patients’ health through education involving the community in get-together activities.

Internal spaces have been transformed to pursue a new idea of greeting. We have layouts for consultancies and diagnostics, sofas, an informational and booking point, and a generous area for socialising.

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That being said, what is the new Health-Centre Pharmacy, the new concept which has been exported worldwide by Sartoretto Verna?


It is… a special place to find not only a welcoming and professional environment, with smiling pharmacists, and always ready to listen…

 …but also it is a spot with great solutions for those who are willing to get a check on their own state of health, and follow a program to improve and stabilize it throughout time.

 The evolution of Pharmacy before and after the pandemic could well be a HEALTH CENTREⓇ

The target is to provide pharmacy operators with some guidelines to strengthen their own business throughout HEALTH, RELATIONS and connection to TERRITORY.

HEALTH CENTRE®️ is about new space management, new activities and a new and more effective communication system. The plan is to reinstate Pharmacy within its own community, territory, and enlighten the perceived value of the pharmacy offer. This is thanks to consultancies, diagnostics and services, but first and foremost by partnering with the activities already present on the territory with the aim of getting better services for all the neighborhood.

The challenge is a demanding one, but pharmacies can make it thanks to their territorial LEADING background.


Do you want to talk to families? Take them back inside the pharmacy? A community system with targeted educational programs is the answer. You will certainly need to reconvert your own space into something appropriate and flexible, but it is not an impossible ordeal.

In the majority of today Pharmacies the clients are not in the condition to calmly disclose their own problems (little and big ones): everything is frantic, out of manners, and without adequate room.

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HEALTH CENTRE®️ Pharmacies, unlikely the more and more competitive and commercial traditional ones, strive for the quality of service and human relationships. The working space must be treasured for all the experiences coming from interacting with clients. They must have, once again, a central role in consultancies offer. They must be looked after towards the most appropriate choice for their health.

The HEALTH CENTRE®️ new concept is tailor-made on patients who are the ones to receive, with an adequate privacy, all the consultancies and health programs for their own case.

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There is a major sea-change in the model of service offered by the Pharmacy. The keyword now is “creating a strong and long-lasting relationship between client and Pharmacist”, and the latter becomes a “personal trainer for health and wellness” by reducing waiting times and inefficiencies. The pharmacy efficiency changes as well; no more a relentless repetition of boring shelves, but specialized areas to be booked from the entrance welcome-areas, in accordance to the shortlisted activities.


The layout must be re-shaped throughout functional spaces such as:

· Welcome area/Info

· The “Medicines and advice” area is to offer a faster “low privacy” consultancy;

· The most articulated advice must be offered by a “high privacy” service;

· Educational and co-working areas;

· Community and interactive spaces;

· Consultancies rooms;

· Open spaces for diagnostics;

· Commercial areas freely accessible;

· Multi-channel retailing areas.

The core of the HEALTH CENTRE®️ is the “piazza”, an open and flexible space where meetings and events can be organized to put together education, health training and innovation, art and culture. The modular and deconstructed layout will make new pharmacies easily adaptable to ceaseless changes and future needs, irrespective of your location and available spaces


All the pharmacies will be entitled to create their HEALTH CENTRE®️, to develop in-house consultancies and services and partner with their own territory. There are no limitations due to available meterage or Pharmacy location. The aforementioned strategy changes in accordance to every single project and is always tailor-made on every situation. This terrific framework will enable Pharmacies to avoid / get out of the price war and take back a full control of business. Pharmacist will be perceived once again as a “medicine professional” (and never a dealer) to be trusted.

 Since the very first accomplished HEALTH CENTREs®️ we have noticed that it was possible to reconvert, as opposed to traditional Pharmacies, over 40% of surfaces to be allocated for new activities and services. Technology is in that respect a constant and discreet wayout to assist the clients with all the needed info to make informed choices: free wi-fi, tablet, informative screens and video-conference systems.

 Independent pharmacy owners can invest in this new concept with the awareness that the real investment is made for clients’ health and community well-being. That is the answer to help pharmacist become once again community beacon throughout these chaotic times. 


Get in touch with us and together we’ll start to transform your pharmacy in an HEALTH CENTRE®️ Pharmacy.

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