The past, present and future of pharmacy: an ethical, holistic and patient-centred vision

The past, present and future of pharmacy: an ethical, holistic and patient-centred vision

The pharmacy has always been a point of reference in the community, but it is interesting to note how its role has evolved over time, moving from the simple dispensing of medicines to the creation of a holistic and inclusive wellness & prevention centre.

💊 In the past, pharmacies were places where pharmacists prepared and sold medicines, offering specialist knowledge and advice on treatments. However, the approach was often focused primarily on the pharmacological aspect of the treatments.

 💓 Today, we are witnessing a transformation of pharmacies into listening and support spaces, where the relationship between the pharmacist and the patient is at the heart of the experience. Modern pharmacies focus on prevention, education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, as well as the treatment of diseases. Ethics and social responsibility have become an integral part of their mission, guaranteeing a holistic approach to well-being.

For the future, we imagine pharmacies to be even more integrated into the community, with particular attention to the different needs of patients. 

The pharmacy of the future will be a place where technology and humanity come together to offer telehealth services, personalized advice and access to wellness resources for all members of the community.

🍃 The pharmacy of the future will be guided by an ethical, holistic vision that listens to the needs of the patient. Together, we will work to create inclusive and welcoming spaces where people can find support, information and resources to improve their quality of life :))

 ⭐ Share with us your ideas and visions on the future of pharmacies and how we can build a healthier and more supportive world together