The services offered by Sartoretto Verna to pharmacists

Sartoretto Verna™ is a company specialized in the design, furnishing, and communication of pharmacies, with the aim of improving the customer experience and increasing the profitability of the point of sale.

Here is a list of the main services offered to pharmacy clients:
  1. Strategic consultancy: Sartoretto Verna™ helps pharmacists define their vision, mission, and market strategy, analyzing competition and growth opportunities. This service includes market analysis, defining the target audience, and developing a marketing plan.
  2. Architectural design: Sartoretto Verna™ offers customized design services, creating functional, welcoming, and modern spaces. The approach to pharmacy architecture takes into account the specific needs of the client and current regulations, to ensure a safe environment that complies with the law.
  3. Design & furnishings: The company provides personalized design and furnishing solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and quality. Thanks to its patented systems (ⓡRal System), it creates pleasant and comfortable environments that enhance products and facilitate sales.
  4. Visual communication and merchandising: Sartoretto Verna™ creates visual communication projects that enhance the image of the pharmacy and facilitate customer orientation within the point of sale. The service includes signage study, designing sales paths, and setting up display spaces.
  5. Branding and visual identity: The company develops branding projects to create a consistent and distinctive visual identity that reflects the values and philosophy of the pharmacy. This service includes creating a logo, coordinated image, and advertising materials.
  6. Training and support: Sartoretto Verna™, with its Capsula events program, offers training courses and consultancy to improve the skills of pharmacy staff, both from a commercial and relational point of view. This service may include training on sales techniques, customer management, and marketing strategies.
  7. After-sales and support: The company offers after-sales and support services to ensure the correct functioning of furnishings and equipment, solve any problems, and provide advice on any modifications or improvements.

In summary, Sartoretto Verna™ offers a 360° range of services to help pharmacists renovate or design from scratch and realize their activity, improving the customer experience and increasing the profitability of the point of sale.

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