Sartoretto Verna Hosts International Pharmacy Owners Meeting

Sartoretto Verna Hosts International Pharmacy Owners Meeting

Date: May 8th, 2024

Sartoretto Verna is proud to have hosted an influential meeting today at our Rome headquarters, gathering pharmacy owners, managers, and entrepreneurs from the Philippines to discuss “The Future of Pharmacy Design.” The session highlighted the evolution of pharmacy roles and the necessity for revenue diversification beyond traditional product sales.

Our discussions focused on the integration of omnichannel strategies and telemedicine to enhance community service and break down physical and mental health barriers. The aim is to transform pharmacies into comprehensive health and wellness hubs that are proactive in community well-being.

The event emphasized innovative design solutions that improve both functionality and aesthetics, enhancing customer experience and making pharmacies more accessible and welcoming. This gathering was an excellent opportunity for global networking and sharing insights on advancing pharmacy practices.

Sartoretto Verna remains committed to fostering continuous innovation and dialogue within the pharmacy sector, supporting pharmacy professionals worldwide in adapting and thriving in an evolving healthcare landscape.



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