The architects of Sartoretto Verna present “Pharmacy of the Future”

The architects of Sartoretto Verna™ present“ "Pharmacy of the Future"”

In the current context, there is an increasing desire to rethink and reinvent the spaces around us, with particular regard to health and sustainability. At the heart of this transformation, the architects of Sartoretto Verna™ have envisioned a health and wellness hub that reinvents the traditional concept of a pharmacy, propelling it towards a responsible and environmentally-friendly future.

Welcome to the “Pharmacy of the Future”, a health and wellness center designed to innovate the concept of the pharmacy and bring it into the future, enhancing sustainability and community interaction.

This article briefly describes the main pillars of our project.

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At the heart of our project is the integration of health and sustainability. We want to create a place where people can not only find the products they need, but also deepen their knowledge of health and wellness, in an environment that respects the environment and promotes sustainable lifestyles. The building will be designed according to green architecture principles, using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions, to minimize the ecological footprint and provide a healthy and pleasant environment.


The idea behind our format is to offer a variety of services and products that go beyond the traditional pharmacy. In addition to selling pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products, we will offer personalized consulting services, spaces for learning and interacting with the community, and a wide selection of organic and sustainable products. We believe in a holistic approach to health, considering all aspects of the person, and we want this to be evident in every element of our pharmacy.


Our building will be on multiple floors, with a layout designed to guide the customer on their journey. The ground floor will host the sales area, with open and intuitive shelves and thematic islands for easy navigation. Interactive totems will provide information on products and services, helping the customer find what they need. On the first floor, you will find spaces for personalized consultations and wellness treatments, as well as an area dedicated to organic and sustainable products. The second floor will be dedicated to community events and activities, with a relaxation area with elements of biophilic design to promote psychophysical well-being.


Each floor will have a precise function, creating a fluid path for the customer. From purchasing products to first customer contact, to deepening individual needs, to training and community involvement.


Our communication will focus on health and sustainability education. Through innovative digital technologies, such as custom apps, QR codes, and informational displays, we will keep the customer constantly updated and involved. We will provide clear and accurate information on products and services, and actively promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


The “Pharmacy of the Future” will be a place where people come not only to buy products, but to learn, socialize and take care of their health in a responsible and sustainable way. We want to be a model for the future of the pharmacy, uniting innovation, health, and sustainability in one welcoming and stimulating place. The “Pharmacy of the Future” will be a reference point in the community, a place where health is accessible to all, and where respect for the environment is a priority.


Let us emphasize that the role of the pharmacist in the 21st century goes beyond simply dispensing drugs. As community pharmacists, you have a unique and valuable role in your community. You have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives every day. But to do this, you must put heart and passion into what you do.

We invite you to dream.

Imagine your pharmacy not only as a place of transaction but as a wellness center, a place where people feel cared for and supported. You know your community’s needs better than anyone else, and you have the power to design a pharmacy that meets these needs in an innovative and sustainable way.

Think big. Be ambitious to make a difference.

This is a time of change, but also a time of enormous opportunities. The digital age has brought new challenges, true, but it has also opened up new possibilities. The dispensing and availability of health and wellness products are progressively moving online, and those who stand by risk being left behind.

Don’t let this intimidate you. Be brave. Be innovative.

And above all, be open to change. Because it is only through change that we can grow and prosper. If you have the courage to take the initiative, if you have the determination to pursue your vision, you can not only survive in this new landscape but thrive.

Your pharmacy is the heart of your community. Make sure it continues to beat strong.

Perhaps we share a VISION and a DREAM? Contact us now to make it a reality.


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