The first Sartoretto Verna pharmacy in The Emirates opens in Kuwait

In Kuwait Sartoretto Verna has designed a custom-made pharmacy. Original solutions have transformed this space into a practical point of sale in order to increase profits. Internal lighting, original architectural and furnishing elements have created a smooth and attractive environment in an area of 30 sqm.



The design of the facade and the sign have been thoroughly studied to compensate for the lack of windows. A wide glass entrance enables the clients to see interior of the pharmacy from the road. The entrance area has been enhanced by a lit cube in methacrylate, holding several products. The Ral System 2 display line has rectangular tympanums in backlit colored glass and digital monitors. The simple shelves with aluminum pillars create a light and sober effect, the curved layout makes the space look bigger. Three Mondrian colored cubes hanging from a pillar highlight promotions and new products. On the left display case there is an etched glass semitop that can be used as counter, advice area or other services according to different needs. At the centre of the pharmacy there is a gondola shelving on wheels with matt methacrylate sides and shelves in transparent plexiglass. Facing the entrance we find the ethic area with a white and blue back lit single counter, with marble top and a chromed steel satellite to keep the counter better organized. Behind the counter there is a cabinet with Ral System 1 elements with over the counter products. 



Since the space is so small, the architects from Sartoretto Verna have conceived a layout to enhance the visibility of the pharmacy giving pharmacists and clients enough room to move freely. The essential furniture of Ral System 1 and Ral System 2 lines make the environment neat and organized. The displays give maximum visibility to the products in order to attract the attention of the public. To make clients feel more comfortable there is a seat in the make-up area to be used while waiting, getting advice or testing new products.



Choice of colors has been important to give depth to the space: the pharmacy is in white and blue tones, which dilate spaces and create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. The floor is in grey porcelain stoneware tiles with a central blue rectangle. In the false ceiling there is a rectangle of starry sky lit by fiber optics, recalling clear desert nights. This is a modern, bright pharmacy, with a strong identity, a pleasant space where you can buy products and recuperate from the heat and the crowded street of Kuwait City. A new pharmacy will be opening in September, a confirmation of the interest shown by Emirates clientele towards the ‘ community focal point’ proposed by Sartoretto Verna.


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