Pharmacy design in Frosinone: Dr Palleschi’s pharmacy

Pharmacy Design in Frosinone
Dr Maria Palleschi’s pharmacy

In the centre of the quiet provincial Italian town of Frosinone, Dr Maria Palleshi’s pharmacy is emblematic of the evolution of the district where it is located.

400 mq of shop space was the ideal occasion to realize an ambitious project that envisaged a large pharmacy in close contact with local residents and their needs, able to widen the range of products on offer without loosing sight with its principal purpose in the community. The first difficulty to be overcome was the fact that the rear part of the store was not directly linked to the front. The only solution was to create a 2-metre wide corridor connecting the 2 spaces which was raised 100 cm above the floor level in order to leave sufficient space for the ramp of the parking garage beneath.

The resulting design was pure logic. The different spaces are connected by straight forward pathways that clearly mark out the areas where different products and services are available. Beams of light from the ceiling illuminate the bases of the pillars that divide up the 2 different environments and indicate the path towards the prescription area, a path which fills customers with positive energy and directs their impulses.

The route that customer take in walking through the pharmacy is not left to chance. Firstly the customer crosses an large beauty products sector with 17 different lines of cosmetics, which is presided over by a ®Ral System1 counter with a back-lit ®Corian top and integrated displays. Upon walking up the stairs, the customer arrives in the area of the pharmacy featuring a self-testing section, beauty treatment section,  baby parking and the customer toilets. A slightly inclined ramp in enamel positioned behind the ®Ral System1 display units in the beauty products section allows disabled people and mothers with pushchairs to access the pharmacy. Guided by the well though out lighting, the customer finally find themselves in front of the ®Ral System1 prescriptions counter with a ®Corian top and a well-lit natural bronze base that compliments the wooden counter behind the pharmacists.

The pharmacy is bright and has a reassuring and stimulating atmosphere. The working spaces are functional yet still contribute to the overall ambience. The 2 pillars in the centre of the store are clad in gold-coloured gres stone. They pass through strips of transparent glass in the floor, revealing the artificial raising of the floor described above, a novel feature that entertains the customer as they stroll along the main route through the pharmacy. A strip of glass next to the counter also gives a little privacy to the blood pressure testing zone and separating it from the waiting area.

Simply put, the pharmacy of Dr Maria Palleschi is pure passion, which is the true aim of those who know the secret of making big pharmacies more than just large in size, but also big on ideas.