We want to be your pharmacy consultants!

We bring out opportunities and enhance skills. We are specialized in strategy of pharmacies design, all over the world. What do we offer more than retail designers and local businesses?

 Our services:

 – Customized consultation
– Market and strategic analysis
– Retail space and furniture design with a competitive concept
– Planning
– Merchandize placement
– Delivery and installation worldwide


 – Brand visibility and identity

 – High professional image

 – Stimulating retail space, comfortable and attractive pharmacy


We are especially attentive to two major themes: (1) update and (2) research. The first theme analyzes the context of the world of pharmacy today in its multiple forms (e.g. laws, fiscal regulations, marketing and merchandising); the second theme involves the testing and utilization of the new products and materials.

 In our sector we’re a market leader not only in design, but also in the technology that supports it. Sartoretto Verna isn’t merely a provider of furniture; we are a design philosophy that provides a modern directive towards the most effective and efficient way to be pharmacy: a study in architecture for the enhancement of space

At the core of our work is a passion for imaginative, solution-oriented design that adds value to your particular location and the community.

Contact us and you’ll start a new Pharmacy era, are you ready?