‘Pharmacies’ by Chris van Uffelen has just been published and includes 5 pharmacies projects by Sartoretto Verna.

Is out the book “Pharmacies”  Braun editions, written by Chris van Uffelen in which they were selected 5 pharmacies projects Sartoretto Verna.

On pages 18, 66, 84, 202, 250 there are two Italian projects (Dr Palleschi Pharmacy – Dr. De Lucca Pharmacy) and three international projects (ATC Pharmacy – Kuwait City; Papageorgiou Pharmacy and El Medina Chemists Pharmacy).

This unique book gives a broad perspective of pharmacies in several countries where pharmacists, architects and designers face the challenge of creating an original atmosphere.

Sartoretto Verna is one of the few firms, if not the only one, specialising in the pharmacy market for 47 years. As well as being involved in the transformation of the pharmacy in Italy, the last 5 years have been dedicated to expanding our services to a more international market.

It is our mission to create ‘health stores’ where a strong commercial side is enhanced by attention to detail and efficient professional services in order to make a client a faithful customer and therefore increase sales.



Papagergiou Pharmacy – Larnaka

Dr. Christina Papageorgiou’s pharmacy is located in the tourist area of Dekelia Road, near the village of Oroklini. The theatrical façade is completely transparent, enhanced by lights in the shape of seagull’s wings and bamboo sticks in methacrylate. The interior was designed by Sartoretto Verna. Upon entrance, the bicolor floor of the sales area enchants the customer. The slim furnishing displays derma-cosmetic products on one side, natural and hygiene products on the other side. In the prescription area there are two large blue-gray Oliver counters with Flumod tops, an antibacterial and no-scratch material. The pharmacy includes a make-up room and a self-check up area, while on the top floor there are areas for beauty treatments and other services.




El Medina Chemists Pharmacy – Qawra

The young and fresh atmosphere of this pharmacy suits the resort town of Qawra perfectly. An environment full of light, bright colors and an elegant modern design make a unique pharmacy, which appeals to tourists and locals alike. The internal layout has a varied display hallway, which leads to the prescription area through recognizable product sectors. The cosmetics department is large and organized with an elegant Ral System 4 display with Indian purple sky synthetic leather and digital visuals. The curved crystal shelves give plenty of visibility to the products, as they seem to be floating in air. The single counter next to it is in white synthetic leather with marble top. To the left of the entrance is an LED lit wall unit and a small table with acid-etched crystal top, creating an evocative atmosphere and attracting the public to the perfumes sector.



De Lucca Pharmacy – Porcia Italy

This pharmacy in Porcia in Northern Italy has a large, regular surface area of 805 square meters. The design pays great attention to the study of light and decoration in the retail area. The display units allow for a great amount of flexibility, overcoming the limitations caused by displaying wares of changeable shapes and sizes. The main display units are positioned around the outside of the room, allowing customers to move freely from one area to the next. The tree-like element in the center is complimented by flowing light patterns, which give the interior a natural feel. The sweeping lines of the ceiling lights emphasize the circulation route, while the lights in the display cabinets allow for easy selection and recognition of products.




Palleschi Pharmacy – Frosinone Italy

This design envisaged a large pharmacy in close contact with local residents and their needs. The different spaces are connected by straightforward pathways that clearly mark out the areas where different products and services are available. The route that customers
take in walking through the pharmacy is not left to chance. Firstly the customer crosses a large beauty products sector with 17 different lines of cosmetics, followed by beauty treatment section and autoanalysis room. A slightly inclined ramp allows disabled people and mothers with pushchairs to access the pharmacy. A strip of glass next to the counter also gives a little privacy to the blood pressure testing zone and separating it from the waiting area.



ATC Pharmacy Kuwait City

Located on the Arabian shores of the Persian gulf in Kuwait City, this new Pharmacy will rise in the Salmiya district as a stand alone Street Pharmacy. Street Pharmacies are positioned directly on the road, totally detached from the adjacent buildings. As a major cultural and commercial hub, the Salmiya district can be considered Kuwait’s flagship district in terms of modernization and new growth. In Street pharmacies, the architectural edge and visual impact achieve prominence as visibility serves as the key to success for a commercial location. This new pharmacy will be something innovative and will certainly make its mark on the cityscape.