New Installation: MyClinic and the New Outpatient Pharmacy in Riyadh, a Triumph of Quality and Well-being

New Installation: MyClinic and the New Outpatient Pharmacy in Riyadh, a Triumph of Quality and Well-being

We are proud to announce that last week, Sartoretto Verna completed the installation of MyClinic’s new outpatient clinical pharmacy in Riyadh. This event marks another extraordinary chapter in our ongoing collaboration with MyClinic, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the healthcare sector.

The Importance of Quality

For MyClinic, quality is not just a goal, but a promise to its patients. The new pharmacy is not just a place where products are sold, but a high-quality wellness space designed to enhance the experience of every visitor. From the choice of lighting to the architecture of the spaces, every detail has been studied to ensure that patients feel welcomed, valued and, above all, safe. This superior quality environment not only improves patient well-being but also stimulates interest and purchases in the front end of the pharmacy, thus increasing hospital profits. In addition, quality is an indication of durability and lower maintenance costs for years to come.

An Ongoing Investment in Healthcare

Investing in the healthcare sector, one of the vital sectors for Saudi society, has been a strategic choice for MyClinic, aimed at focusing on projects that add value and provide better medical services to the Saudi community. In recent years, the group has invested in numerous projects in the healthcare sector, consolidating its reputation as a provider of superior quality services.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire MyClinic team who have worked tirelessly to achieve this level of quality in the Kingdom. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of all the team members, who together with the Sartoretto Verna architects have taken up the challenge of creating something unique for the members of the Saudi community in Riyadh.


MyClinic’s new outpatient pharmacy in Riyadh is a symbol of our ongoing commitment to excellence and quality in everything we do. This is why MyClinic has chosen Sartoretto Verna for the third time, entrusting us with the creation of an environment that not only cares for but also improves the lives of patients. We continue to push ourselves further, together, for a healthier and happier future for everyone.

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