Make daily life extraordinary

Making Daily Life Extraordinary
Burning passion for pharmacy interior design since 1965

Quality is far more important than mere quantity when it comes to furnishing a pharmacy. Therefore, we design our pharmacies give your customer exactly what they are looking for: trust-worthy services, a wide choice of products and a one-to-one relationship with their pharmacist – that’s YOU!

Sartoretto Verna designs a new type of pharmacy that is bright and has a professional feel, where customers are ensured privacy while consulting the pharmacist, can undergo the latest anti-stress and anti-ageing treatments and take advantage of special offers and advertising campaigns.

This new model of pharmacy surpasses those anonymous and impersonal pharmacies in which the customer is  completely abandoned and it is impossible to distinguish one product sector from another. On the contrary, Sartoretto Verna pharmacies orientate customers through the use of clear and effective written and visual communication, bring a sense of order into the pharmacy, and giving it a real sense of personality and warmth.

The ®Ral System of modular pharmacy furniture reflects pharmacists’ new role. It comes in various versions and is designed to make the most of the space available, further enhanced by a clever use of lighting and  a great attention to detail.
Our innovative solutions make daily life extraordinary, making your clientele feel at home and helping them get the most out of their time.

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