Does Pharmacy Business go LOCAL?

Does Pharmacy Business go LOCAL?

One of the most typical comments we receive upon our projects around the world is that, in spite of a common criterion inspiring our pharmacies worldwide, there are not two Sartoretto Verna Pharmacies looking the same.

ref: Turks & Caicos Bahamas

The process of retrieving one person’s past becomes even more vital throughout moments of weakness, discomfort or vulnerability. Our past is our strength, and the platform to step through our future.

Pharmacy is more and more a place where the community feels part of a specific territory.

Indeed, design is a powerful tool for expressing and honoring territory and local history. Any creative process giving rise to a design, or any form of art, is the result of a strong connection with the local specificities of each place. By incorporating elements that reflect the cultural heritage, traditions, and identity of a specific region or community, design can create a sense of place and strengthen the connection between people and their surroundings, their past memories, and influence the memories which individuals will shape in their future.

ref: Gilbert, Arizona USA

Conversely, one of the disadvantages of any global process such as artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the design industry is the lack of human-like emotions and subjective judgment. While AI can process vast amounts of data and generate solutions based on patterns and algorithms, it lacks the ability to understand and incorporate emotions, fragilities and personal drawbacks, which are crucial in any creative act such as design.

Design often involves subjective decision-making and understanding the emotional aspects of user experience. Human designers can tap into their empathy, intuition, and personal experiences to create designs that evoke specific feelings or resonate with a target audience. AI, on the other hand, struggles to comprehend the nuanced emotions and context that influence design choices.

Our pharmacies are designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape or reflect the historical architectural styles of the region.

Ref: Coney Island, NYC

We take in the highest consideration historic landmarks, districts, or public art already present in the surroundings as their historical context contributes to a sense of place.

Visual elements such as pharmacy logos, signage, and promotional materials are designed to reflect the unique characteristics and history of a pharmacy. By incorporating local symbols, colors, or typography inspired by traditional scripts, design can visually represent the essence of the territory and create a distinctive brand identity.

Our Pharmacy interiors draw inspiration from local craftsmanship, traditional techniques, or natural resources can help promote local industries and preserve cultural practices. This approach not only creates products with a unique identity but also contributes to the economic development of the region.

Ref: Italy, Europe

A typical example of the aforementioned reflections, is the pharmacy counter desk called “LEA” which incorporates interactive elements, storytelling techniques, and immersive experiences. Local visual design can engage visitors and help them connect with the territory’s rich historical narratives.

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