A New Era of Health in Pharmacy: The Transformation of Catona’s Pharmacy


Catona is a coastal town between Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni, right across from Messina. Imagine the state road that runs along the sea and cuts through it from side to side.
Here stands the pharmacy of Claudia Musolino and Nazzareno Scerra, whose insights have transformed a nondescript space full of columns and constraints into a professional, visual, and sensory experience worth sharing.

Indeed, the three souls of the new pharmacy are quite evident: service, commerce, and pharmaceutical consulting.

And not just because the discreet yet omnipresent information guides customer choices, but because they are represented by three different colors.

Amaranth for the service area, with a dedicated welcome desk, which not only informs and guides but conveys hospitality, a prelude to a health journey.

The services are provided in three comfortable and private spaces where technology and nature coexist, offering intriguing results full of attention and care.

Beige marks the extensive commercial area, a far cry from the all-white drugstore images of recent memory! Here, the atmosphere is engaging, free from stress and pressure, but full of vitality and interaction.

A makeup bar invites dialogue and discovery.

Blue for the medicinal area, embodying concentration and serenity.

An automation system ensures efficiency, and semi-circular sails on the counter act as delicate diaphragms between operators and patients.

The atmosphere is achieved by a dual coexistence: on one side, the homogeneity of the colors, used equally for the flooring, coverings, and ceilings; on the other, a sharp contrast to highlight the difference, even chromatically, of the three distinct sectors. In the middle, as a unifying element, are bright cuts distributed to enhance the new architectural volumes.

The contribution of Sartoretto Verna™️, from the layout of the spaces to the choice of materials and furnishings, from the lighting design to communication studies, reflects a philosophy that goes beyond commerce.

A pharmacy as the beating heart of health in the urban fabric of Catona, where everyone feels transformed into a guest.

Let yourself be inspired by this revolution, a beacon of excellence that illuminates a path for all independent pharmacies.

Here, the pharmacist’s profession does not fear change but embraces it with wisdom and foresight, just like Nazareno and Claudia, who are shaping the future well-being of their community.

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