Xmas Greetings by Sartoretto Verna

Xmas Greetings by Sartoretto Verna

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Here we are after a very unusual timing…

Would you like to know what has made us happy the most and filled us with more & more energy?

We are above all delighted to know that our clients and pharmacy friends (or friends of Pharmacy), our staff and our partners are all fine…

We are glad to have heard around gentle and reassuring words primarily focused on being proactive and helping less fortunate and disadvantaged ones, as well as all those people entering a Pharmacy to get relief from pain.

Thanks to all these individuals we have organized safer, more welcoming and organized working environments where our interiors furniture designed for this purpose could be installed on time.

THANK YOU for being there!
THANK YOU for your loyalty!
THANK YOU for talking about us!
THANK YOU for all the time we spent together!
THANK YOU for your honest reviews!
THANK YOU for your feedback and suggestions!

Wishing you all the very best throughout this “special” period of
festivities, in addition to: optimism, a positive approach, contentment, proximity, time to create new opportunities and make your dreams come true.

Sartoretto Verna looks at the year 2021 to celebrate its 55-year anniversary – let’s have a toast with us! Each meeting is a an
opportunity to exchange ideas and surprise you with something special…

We, Sartoretto Verna’s people, wish you from the bottom of our heart all the very best for the oncoming Festivities and a Great Start for the Year 2021.

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