What Can I do for you (that the others can’t…)

What Can I do for you (that the others can’t…)

The new year is started and there’re a lot of plan for it but how to realize it?
Sartoretto Verna Srl is here for you and for help you to realize the vision you have in mind.

You need a company that it’s reliable and solid, that have experience and that look forward, that always use the reasearch as a tool to help you to win over the competitors. As if you stop to move, the others will continue to do it…
So Let’s bring your Pharmacies stores to an other level, let’s condider the changement of your customers and act in consequences.
In the today world you need to differentiate your store from the competition, you need to amaze and capture people’s attention amidst the daily rush of constant advertising and bombardment from the media.

We can bring all our heritage and our italian creativity to your company, made in Italy design and fixtures, we know why and how do the steps to raise your profits up again.

Why to renovate? there’re 4 good reason.

1) the evolution of the market: experiential shopping
2) the evolution of your direct competitors
3) differentiating yourself from the competition amke you getting recognized
4) visibility on the shop floor

Do you want to know more?

Read the book with all the secrets to apply to your Pharmacies: result of our 50 yrs of experience just for Pharmacies Design: “Pharmacies from hell …how to bring about change” by arch. Luca Sartoretto Verna (it classified at the #13th position in the Amazon Bestsellers rank in books Economy & Business for the italian version).

Now in the english version


come to meet in Dubai our architects during Arab Health and we’ll start together a personalized winner pathway.
We’ll be your loyal partner during and after your journey, 50 years of experience worldwide only in Pharmacies, Helath & Beauty Stores, Italian creative and unique design and fixtures, family owned business with solid roots and values.

Do your first step toward the success in your business: come to meet us in Arab health- Dubai reserve your appointment from 30th January to 02 february in our exclusive booth in HALL5 C15.



FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY: for the first 10 that will write us at: to take an appointment during the exhibition days a FREE signed copy by the author of the book will be waiting in our booth to pick up!!! 

Contact us immediately do not lose this fantastic gift!!!