Theories and software for managing 4 screen from one PC

Theories and Software for Operating 4 Monitors from 1 PC

Today 1 computer can control the multimedia content on 4 different monitors.

The software has been developed by the IT company RST and solves the problem of managing multiple monitors seen by the public. The solution is simple and cost-effective, and will allow you to choose the content to be displayed from the comfort of your own office through a video interface, together with the web cam feed or the queue management system display.

Everyone knows how important is to communicate effectively with your clientele. But it is as important to differentiate the message you are communicating between each merchandise sector and advise specific types of consumers about specific products and services.

Every monitor should display content that is specific to the merchandise sector in which it is situated. Using this software, you can easily coordinate all your advertising spots, customer information messages, and feeds from your shop’s surveillance cameras from your own office, home, or even mobile phone. The programme’s remote windows desktop will allow you to manage an infinite number of monitors from one single PC.

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