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The Sartoretto Verna Experience

Sartoretto Verna Experience


In the Italian cities of Rome and Turin, you will find a wonderful place of ideas, filled with pharmacist apprentices and wizards, where the world’s number 1 pharmacy designs are born.


Architects Luca e Fiona Sartoretto Verna, MDs and Global Marketing Managers


Sartoretto Verna™ is an Italian business, founded in 1965.

Sartoretto Verna™ not only designs pharmacy furniture and unique sales environments, but it also has its own creative laboratory (CAPSULA), held by leading architects, companies, and consultants with the aim of supporting its customers in the creation of winning pharmacies and companies with high profitability.


  •  each phase is part of a tried and tested approach    
  • refurbishment or soft restyling is coordinated by an in-house team of specialized professionals
  • afterwards we’ll stay by your side through our “keep me in line” program, to optimize web and digital communication, marketing, and training
  • the success of our pharmacies can be seen in over 850 public reviews   


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  •      reduced exposure to free service
  •      “cold” shopping paths and areas
  •      never-ending lines and bottlenecks
  •      ineffective communication
  •      hidden product categorization
  •      disorder
  •      bad lighting
  •      inadequate service areas
  •      badly organized and impractical workspaces…

… are just some of the recurring problems we see in pharmacies, ones that cause thousands of euros worth of damage.

International studies show how displays that are

  •   tidy
  •   well lit
  •   accompanied by 3 communication levels (category, subcategory and price)

activate impulse purchases and render up to €60,000 per meter per year.

HOW TO INCREASE GOOD WORD OF MOUTH (how to transform every customer into a referral)

Every time someone walks into a pharmacy, they immediately have an idea of the service they might get, first IMPRESSIONS are the most important:

A) – POSITIVE       



The UNIQUE SARTORETTO VERNA METHOD aims to “create the best customer experience” and is

the only method that can get you positive word of mouth, it’s the most effective marketing strategy for pharmacies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition

We create based on customer needs and get pharmacies to differentiate themselves from the competition by regaining control of their business, independent of changes in the law, economic crisis, patents, Amazon or increase in competition.  

We use storytelling to communicate your own personal story and your values.

We can create a UNIQUE AND EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE for customers coming into the pharmacy, one that generates word of mouth.

  • Architecture, setting and design
  • Space and category optimization    
  • Communication (identity and storytelling)
  • Marketing activities (store interaction)
  • Phygital strategies and a differentiating position

The study aims to increase efficiency in the use of space through careful structural examination whether it is for an extension, refurbishment, a soft restyling or new construction.

Winner of numerous national and international awards for planning and design of commercial spaces, boasting numerous patents and original projects in 30 countries worldwide.


Rome, headquarters of Sartoretto Verna. “The wonderful place of ideas” with an 850 mq show-room

To fully understand the philosophy of this company, the continuous research of materials and the meticulous attention to detail requires a visit to its headquarters in Rome in Via Trionfale 13592.


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You will be welcomed in a 2000m2 park where you can immerse yourself in the future of avant-garde architecture, technology, art and design in our showroom.

In the heart of the centre of Turin you can experience the new Sartoretto Verna systems in our 220m2 showroom in the historical and recently restored Colli di Felizzano building.

That of Sartoretto Verna and another idea of the pharmacy

We are NOT commercial or aggressive but PROFESSIONAL. An emotionally stimulating and interactive place where you can share your wellbeing and that of your nearest and dearest.

Our main objective for 2018, according to MD Luca Sartoretto Verna is the realization of “phygital & green” environments, perfectly integrated with the digital world, sustainable, and where people feel good about themselves.  

(Article from “Illuminated Business People” in “Business Class Capital” magazine)