buying phases in the pharmacy

The 3 buying phases in the pharmacy

The 3 buying phases in the pharmacy


When customers come into the pharmacy they go through 3 buying phases:
1. Attraction
2. Engagement
3. Conviction
Have you ever asked yourself why most of your customers only go to a third of the public space?
Why is it that they come in and take the quickest route to the prescriptions counter and then leave hot on their heals without buying anything else?

Your pharmacy is not engaging!

Entertaining your customers is one of the primary objectives for the sustainability of your business.

You can keep doing nothing. You can keep thinking that the only solution is waiting and seeing…or you can open a new chapter by understanding customer purchase dynamics and put new tools to the test.


Phase 1 – Attraction
Customers generally plan to come to the pharmacy when they need something.
In 13% of cases people come in because of something they read during the day. I’m talking about the communication of the shop sign, the entrance and the windows.
The customer can always change their minds and leave shortly after entering.
On average it takes just over 6 seconds to establish if its worth staying or going. In these 6 seconds your pharmacy has to amaze, convince and “trap” the customer in the sales space (not in front of the counter frustratingly waiting their turn!)
Customers take their first steps in the so-called decompression zone. In this area they get used to the new atmosphere and they orientate themselves in the space. There is no point in placing products here but it is the perfect place to welcome customers and let them know how the pharmacy works (what’s on offer, how to get a ticket, baskets, etc).
As soon as they are in they should be given simple and immediate info.

They should be able to see the different categories, services offered and where the counter is, right away.
The first impression depends on the feeling the atmosphere gives off and how easy it is to move around. The first impression is fundamental. The atmosphere you create should immediately welcome, communicate with, and involve the customer as well as get their attention. It should tell a story.

Do you have a story to tell? Your customers will love hearing it…
An engaging story is always a hit, that’s why we can remember stories from childhood.


Phase 2 – Engagement
Your customer walks across the shop floor towards the counter to get their prescription and they would be prepared to buy something else but…
If you think that very few of your customers can afford to spend in the pharmacy, “I live in a tough area where people don’t have much money” then think about the the advantage you have over the competition. People who go into a pharmacy already know what they are going to buy!

This inclination to buy gives you the upper hand and must be leveraged in the best way possible.

Have you ever asked yourself what could encourage people to explore your pharmacy?

1) Easily navigating through the pharmacy .

Through the introduction of specific sales paths you can direct your customers where you want. Most of them know exactly where they need to go (and take the quickest route to the prescriptions counter). Educating the client will allow you to change their habits and start to see them wandering around attracted by the various focal points you have on offer.

2) Easily stopping to look at items on display
Customers should feel free to see, touch, and try anything they like without being in other customers’way.
You need a spacious area in front of the products where people can stop. At the same time you have to create more reserved spaces for products where staff consultation is required.

3) Being in a pleasant environment
The space should interact with the customer. It should spark curiosity and get their attention. Remember the longer the customer spends inside, the higher the likelihood that they will buy something.
80% of non-pharmaceutical products are bought from a decision made when in the pharmacy.
An interesting space, lively and full of attractive elements that gets the customer’s attention on the products on display.
The layout of the retail space should be designed to eliminate dead spots (cold areas), the hidden back rooms, the areas that are dark and hard to get to, with the aim of getting the customers to navigate around all of the retail space.


Phase 3 – Conviction
The atmosphere of the retail space is fundamental to its success. Remember that just 50% of the purchase motive is actually about the product.
The rest is down to the atmosphere of where the customer finds themselves.
What a lovely atmosphere here? NOT!
The atmosphere plays a role in encouraging people to buy which is why it’s important to plan for spaces that can provoke emotion, give happiness, and
amaze your customers’ 5 senses.
– sight: colors, shapes, light
– hearing: musical tone and volume
– smell: aromas and perfumes
– touch: smooth, the softness of the surfaces, the temperature
The atmosphere influences the customer. It is a way of getting your customer’s attention, a way to communicate a distinct image on the market, it serves to transmit your cultural values.
All the architecture and design elements from the flooring to the lining of the perimeter walls, from the ceiling to the furnishing, from the materials to the colors, and the lighting finishes. This all represents a strong communicative presence that is too often neglected.
It’s not enough any more to differentiate from the competition with your product and/or with complementary services.
The customer today wants to feel something and shopping will become more and more a unique experience that stimulates the senses.

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