Technical Furniture

Improve your way of working

Discover how to optimize space and gain time

Optimize your work in the pharmacy

  • stacked drawers for storage
  • automization/robots
  • back counters
  • drawers for homeopathic granules
  • medicine storage
  • food product storage
  • storage shelves
  • folding beds
  • mobile storage cabinets
  • coat holders
  • price list counters
  • merchandise check counters

Pharmaceutical preparation

  • made-to-measure Corian/Duropal laboratories
  • modular labs
  • extractor fans (extractor arms/laminar flow cabinet)
  • glass dryers
  • integrated glass-ceramic cooktops
  • double sink with residue container
  • dispenser with extractable shower and clinical lever

Meeting and work spaces

  • tailor-made desks
  • standard series desks
  • made-to measure workstations
  • wall boards
  • archive cupboards
  • coat cupboards
  • seating
  • meeting desks
  • safes
  • sofabeds

Attract from the exterior!

  • bright ABS window displays
  • Plexiglas window displays
  • window displays on wheels
  • remote-controlled color window displays
  • rotas
  • medicine/oxygen canister dispensers
  • LED signs
  • LED crosses
  • bright informative panels
  • informative digital panels
  • interactive panels
  • support for signs

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