Pharmacy Furniture ®Ral System 2.1

Attract your customers with light and communicate better thanks to magnetic graphics


  • vertical displays
  • free standing
  • tall vertical or central gondola shelving options
  • single or double-sided displays
  • 3 pieces of product information
  • bright top banner and vertical sides
  • easy-to-modify configuration
  • easy-to-update display information
  • curved display
  • variety of accessories to keep the display tidy
®Ral System 2.1 puts the products on center stage thanks to an inimitable design without exposed racks


  • aluminum pillars
  • adjustable feet in tungsten
  • lacquered/wooden/crystal MDF
  • Plexiglas/glass top banners
  • acid-etched semicircular table-top
  • transparent/acid-etched glass shelves
  • semitop vetro acidato

Impeccable displays

  • storage cupboards/drawers
  • lit sides
  • lit top banners
  • category/price holders
  • Plexiglas stepladder display
  • Plexiglas anti-theft system
  • semicircular table-tops
  • mirror/iPad mount
  • iPad holder
  • Plexiglas supports for promotions
  • blister hooks
  • magnetic casing
  • color remote-controlled top banners

®Ral System 2.1 free standing is the new and improved version of the ®Ral2 – the first modular range for pharmacies in glass and aluminum designed and marketed by Sartoretto Verna worldwide


Summary of the main characteristics


About the free-standing system


– ®Ral System 2.1 is free standing, requires no supporting walls, and can be organized, moved, and quickly placed in any part of your pharmacy.

– ®Ral System 2.1’s minimalism lends itself to being easily used indiscriminately in any area of your pharmacy because it is discreet by design and can make any product stand out.

– The adjustable aluminum pillars allow for it to be modified for a variety of needs (placed by a wall or free-standing in the center of an area).

– The shelves can be easily and quickly adjusted and the interchangeable accessories are facilitated by an automatic locking plug that allows staff to change a large range of accessories based on seasonality, promotional campaigns, specific product categories, and marketing strategies.

– We do not use unappealing exposed racks. The aluminum pillars with their minimalist design are also lit by LED lighting creating a bright and attractive atmosphere.

– Communication on the visuals is heightened. The metal banner which houses the lighting means that you can update information thanks to a magnetic communication system that can be easily repositioned.

About the product


How does the ®Ral2 give added value to products on display?

– ®Ral2 is the fruit of a series of developed visual merchandising concepts, in that it is the positive synthesis of two currents; that of the vertical displays which inhibit complete exposure of the products and horizontal displays which anonymize the sections.

– The top part of the display is ideal for the metal band (carter) and a tall glass or plexi visual for additional information on the use of the product line/area/logo case. It features an RGB remote controlled diffused LED light, for a great atmosphere.

– Minimalist design, light, practicality and flexibility make the products stand out.

Sartoretto Verna believes today as it has always done, in the ability of a pharmacy to attract and satisfy clients that are ever-more demanding.

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