Pharmacy furniture ®Ral System 1

Save time stocking shelves


  • vertical display stand
  • free standing
  • configurable up to 3 meters in height
  • adjustable shelves
  • bright top cupboard and vertical sides
  • top cupboard (visual) for storage
  • easy-to-update display information
®Ral System 1 divides areas so you don’t have to build walls you can quickly and easily restock


  • lacquered MDF in all the RAL colors
  • glass in all the RAL colors
  • wood leaf
  • Plexiglas side panels
  • wooden side panels
  • transparent/acid-etched glass surfaces
  • acid-etched semicircular table-top

Impeccable displays

  • top cupboard (visual) for storage
  • bright top cupboards (visual)
  • remote-controlled color/lighting for top-cupboards
  • price/product category holder
  • Plexiglas stepladder display
  • Plexiglas anti-theft systems
  • drawer or side panel storage
  • light-filled side panels
  • semicircular table-tops
  • accessories for blister hooks

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