Shop windows: using window dressing to get your customers excited

Shop Windows
using window dressing to get your customers excited

The shop window is the first point of contact between the pharmacy and its clientele, a sort of business card and important means of communicating your professional competence as well as making customers loyal to your pharmacy.

First of all, you should attract potential customers’ attention. When they are captivated by your shop window, impress your pharmacy’s image onto their minds and stimulate some latent need or desire. The best way to do this is by communicating something new and looking to interact with the customer, even through the shop window.

Window Dressing should create a shop window display that is decorative , communicative and high-tech.



– Transmit your professional image

– Increase display space

– Attract the public’s attention

– Increase sales


Sartoretto Verna has designed a series of original solutions that have a strong visual impact.



The idea comes from long thin canes of bamboo which have been transformed into transparent illuminated methacrylate poles that change colour (the colour’s brightness and the frequency with which it changes colour can be varied). The base has a pivot allowing the bamboo canes to be rotated and they can be combined together to create an infinite range of displays. Products are displayed upon methacrylate circular shelves akin to “leaves” whose position is variable. (photos of the prototypes unveiled at Cosmofarma 2005)


Display accessories that make a big visual impact and can be designed and realised in many different materials according to your personal preferences.


Metacyrlic cubes lit up from within are best used to display cosmetic products or anything in glass containers


Cubes made out of coloured glass (yellow, blue, red or black) with a mirror as a background.


A pane of stain glass starts off as a sketch; every drawing is personalised with a logo or detail that has some sort of personal significance for you. Recurrent themes include herbs used in the pharmacy, antique vases, landscapes of the area where the pharmacy is located and even abstract images that reflect the interior’s colour scheme. once the overall design has been agreed upon, the drawing is handed over to a famous glass artist who will create the collage by assembling the pieces of hand-blown glass then fixing them onto a safety glass support or window display.


The photo shows some examples of our glass display cases that are designed for shop windows. Information and measurements available upon request.

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