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There is a New Sartoretto Verna’s Concept for the year 2022, and the choice of representing the same throughout an egg is not accidental.

An egg in fact is composed of 60% albumen, 30% yolk and 10% eggshell.

Also, the New Concept revolves around the same parameters: products, services and environment.

The PRODUCT reduces its starring role to get a supporting one. The latter is not less important than the former. 

The SERVICE does not want to become the protagonist but wishes for the Pharmacist to be the one.

The ENVIRONMENT is supposed to understand these new balances by passing to the Client a renewed image. Not an easy task.

Let’s start with the assumption that the 2022 Client expects to be more and more healthy, and the Pharmacist can be the one providing all the items to fulfil the expectations of the Client, from inception to completion.


We know there are 4 steps to go through: Test, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy.

Thanks to more and more sophisticated technologies, the Pharmacist is able to carry out a great number of tests within the Pharmacy premises, and with nursing help plenty of patients can have a reliable diagnosis.

One or more doctors can be hosted inside the premises to deliver the prognosis, The same can be reached throughout technology with the aim of contacting specialists not only in the urban proximity, but practically worldwide.

The supply of products to the treatment (or the therapy) just becomes the logical ending of the cycle.

How can we accomplish all that?

Investments are a first needed step. This is a paramount one when we believe in different pathways. The investments are in this case three-pronged ones: in people, equipment and facilities.

Facilities are not the least, at all….

With no facilities you go nowhere, unless you choose to be hyper-specialized. 

The most difficult task is to find people, nurses, doctors, specialists believing in the pharmacy and the project.

As far as items are concerned, we are spoilt for choice. The business industry in fact ceaselessly releases new machineries for tests (or therapies) with a high technological content.  

The problem is actually the opposite one. That is, being constantly updated and at the forefront.

What role does Sartoretto Verna play in all that?

We design (and implement) projects which put together and give shape to all the new pharmacy’s different souls.

Technology, ecology, professionalism and humanity, efficiency and comfort.

In order to get the WA, a Japanese term to be translated as HARMONY, taste and good will are not enough. You need a long-life field experience always at the forefront.

All these concepts will be depicted with a practical sample of Pharmacy within the movie premises of Sartoretto Verna’s Headquarter from the 10th of October 2021 onwards.

Places are limited and booking is needed due to Covid restrictions.

Catch up soon!