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Sales in Pharmacy through a post-pandemic world need urgent corrective measures

Sales in Pharmacy through a post-pandemic world need urgent corrective measures

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Since the pandemics has gone through, in Sartoretto Verna we have analyzed how the pharmacy client’s purchasing habits have changed.

If your pharmacy is still planned to trap clients at the front entrance in order to guide them later along a relentless pathway of Wall stand Units and central stand with offers up to the counter desk, then please keep on reading…

The majority of people during the last year and a half has attended pharmacies to carry out a Covid test, get a vaccination or issue a Green Pass…

Pharmacy owners who were not proactive on these initiatives are today regretting having given clients to someone else and having lost profits. People with different age groups, teenagers or family with children, have discovered a new pharmacy offer and appreciated its news services and consultancies.

People go to the Pharmacy BUT often they prefer waiting for their turn outside the premises. Covid has created a drastic reduction of impulse purchase.

Clients have discovered the e-commerce, and thanks to the popularity of delivery service, they get used to ordering items from the sofa at home.

Sales in Pharmacy through a post-pandemic world need urgent corrective measures as opposed to the old trends. It takes a second in fact to go out of business.

Companies such as Ikea or Autogrill have understood the point way before many others. They decided to cope with the e-commerce by renewing the model which they historically arranged their premises with.

Both the aforementioned companies present a maze with few possibilities for the clients to get out early. The more items they can display, the more likely you will leave by having purchased something.

However, in a world where people are used to ordering everything by a click and receiving the same in front of the door, this model of selling still based on a physical access to retail footage seems to be short-lived.  

This is why new premises are testing updated systems in order to make sure that footage spaces remain relevant for the retail industry.

Ikea teaches its clients to fix, repair, or build new objects and invests on virtual reality to make people be immersed in this new emotional shopping experience.

Ikea, new experiences within its premises

Autogrill has dramatically changed its design, footage and environment. Water fountains, tables surrounded by Zen settlements and natural materials. They are just some of the innovations introduced with the aim of increasing the permanence of clients within the restaurants and incentivize the quality of what their purchase.

Nowadays, travelers’ needs are constantly changing as opposed to a few decades ago. Business travelers want to be in a position to print and recharge IT items or retrieve purchases made online through the dedicated apps. This pretty much the same as what happens within our daily city life.

In accordance to that, amongst other new services, Smart offers a self-service point for picking up items ordered by an on-line platform. The space is called “Amazon Locker”. And inside that there is room for a business lounge area very suitable to work, recharge devices and issue digital files.

Autogrill New Format

For both the aforementioned companies, in two words, heaps of options have been studied to make sure the clients linger within the premises as much as they can. But without making them trapped within a maze of corridors.

These companies are basically revolutionizing their sale choreography in order to keep up with business and prosper in this ceaseless “new world”.

In your pharmacy, however, what are you doing in this very moment not to get extinguished?

  • Do you keep on waiting for the clients at the counter?
  • Have you decided to pass your business to those doctors who were source of so much “happiness” in the past?
  • Or, to settle things once and for all, have you decided to install an automation system, and leaving the front end basically unchanged?

In these cases, we do not see a very good prospect for your business.

People have changed. Your clients, the ones pushing your company turn over and who should be your first concern in the morning, have new needs. 

If you want to keep on succeeding, this time it will be necessary to transform the retail area, the footage they see, the area in which they go through for purchasing items.

  • Your clients wait outside the entrance door? Just create a COVID-FREE environment to make them feel safe and encourage their purchase instincts;
  • Your clients buy only essential items? Engage them and interact with them by creating new chances to visit and live your own Pharmacy;
  • Do your clients know about your Pharmacy services? Get organized to offer them. Just do so in an efficient and professional way, so they remain loyal. This is what has happened in Spain with Synlab, a company able to get structured throughout the territory efficiently and quickly.
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If you want to know a new concept able to collect new clients and eliminate competitors in this “new normality” which is out there, then our advice is to immediately book a meeting with us to be held at the Movie Theatre within our premises from the 10th of October onwards. Just have a look of an accomplished example of Pharmacy.

Seats are limited and booking is recommended due to Covid constraints.

Catch up soon!