Under construction, our first pharmacy in Russian Federation

Future Signed Sartoretto Verna at Voronezh



A short time ago Sartoretto Verna designed its first Russian pharmacy, work is now in progress, and very soon the city of Voronezh -a city set on the border with the Ukraine, and with a rich history -will have in its center, a new reason to be proud.

The new pharmacy is part of a well-established chain, and it is become the flagship of the entire group.

Sartoretto Verna believes that the best way to take root in each country, city and nation, is by the realization of our designs, one local pharmacy at at a time, sharing with its owner and clients the pride of becoming part of the local cityscape and history.

It is with this attention to the pride of the local community that the Pharmacy “Teatro of Marionette” (Puppet Theater) was born, a famous place in Voronezh which is frequented by both adults and children and which is characterized by a very particular and fun architecture.


Inside the pharmacy there are statues of famous puppets, which appear as if they are “floating”, which attract and excite the curiosity of the people passing by from the outside, and also those who are travelling by car on the main street. It is a way to surprise and at the same time, make the citizens feel “at home”. Purchases will occur in a place that will offer the most modern technologies and services, but in an “old” and at the same time modern atmosphere.

The pharmacy is set in an “old palace”, which has adobe walls that will deliberately be left visible to underline the contrast between the old and the modern, between what the history has been and what the future will be. This is a strong contrast but at the same time it is perfectly integrated into the feel of the downtown, it is a way to show citizens what the city is today and what it will be.