Renewing Your Professional Practice

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Sartoretto Verna represents an innovative ‘workstyle’ brand in pharmacy design, and with our specialist help a small business can become big.
But how?
Our company does not provide the usual pharmacy. We have been working in this field for more than 45 years, and we have the proven competency to project pharmacies that generate an increase in terms of profits, and create spaces where people feel comfortable, where they know they can find quality products, and a place where the customer becomes a PHARMACY CLIENT.

Editor’s Note: The climate of Australian community pharmacy is in transition from being a product-oriented supply service to that of an information-led clinical service environment.
At the moment there is a “gap” in the pharmacy marketplace for professional services.
Consumers are crying out for clinical conversations with pharmacists.
Pharmacists do seem to have lost their way and appear unable or unwilling to to fill this patient need.
What an opportunity for those who want to renew!

Some have seized this opportunity and there is a handful of pharmacies geared to service a new professional services market.

They are doing well, but they get little support or direction from official pharmacy.
Professional services have a way to go before they become mainstream in a mature market.
Australian Pharmacy is currently presenting with a rather tired, jaded and vulnerable image, with only a few exceptions standing out.
As well, all pharmacies have to re-engineer their dispensaries to accommodate automated dispensing equipment, automated packing of dose administration aids and even an expansion of the compounding area to accommodate oncology services and the preparation of specialised mixtures not commercially available.
Added to clinical space the pharmacy “engine room” for all professional activities suddenly needs a makeover.
This further means that every pharmacy in Australia will have to refit in the immediate future or fall behind the competition
i2P has always been committed to support forward-thinking pharmacists with over-the-horizon strategies, and to this end we have been seeking design consultants that are global in outlook, and reach who would bring a fresh approach to Australian pharmacy design.
So we searched in all of the design and fashion capitals of the world and found Sartoretto Verna in Rome, Italy, who seemed ideally suited to produce an overlay of professionalism that could be merged with pharmacy brand images in Australia – a brand that conveys competitive prices (not cut prices) within a mix of goods and services tipped towards quality health services.
Since our contact they have begun basic research using social media as the start-point.
We will be releasing a series of articles to assist this company to become established in Australia.
Part of our thinking involves the fact that Australia is in the fast lane to become one of the major global economies.Therefore it will not be too far away before Australian pharmacies will position themselves to become global players, particularly in some of the Asian economies such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.
The “big box” pharmacies will obviously lead the way, but clinical operators will gradually forge alliance partnerships in various forms.
Australia’s restrictive pharmacy market will need to open up to enable alliances to form up around this type of expansion. Having design consultants that are already global players can only accelerate the process utilising their experience to culturally merge or modify brands in different global markets.
What follows is a profile of the company prepared by one of their architects.
Sartoretto Verna represents an innovative ‘work style’ Italian brand, we work for the whole world from our Rome Headquarters and Turin.
50 years of our innovative journey in pharmacy designing and furniture manufacturing had created interesting spaces around the world and increased our clients profit irrespective of their currency.
We lead the pharmacy market, not just in designing but also in the technologies that support it.
At the core of our work is a passion for imaginative, solution-oriented design that adds value to your particular location and the community.
A Pharmacy with a soul becomes a “community focal point” for health.

How can we make your business big?

With a 360 degree consultancy that is not limited to just the exterior look, but is also focused on showing the products in the right way, with the right light.

Our services:

– Customized consultation

– Market and strategic analysis

– Retail space and furniture design with a competitive concept

– Planning

– Merchandize placement

– Delivery and installation worldwide


– Brand visibility and identity

– High professional image

– Stimulating retail space, a comfortable and attractive pharmacy

We are especially attentive to two major themes:

(1) update and
(2) research. 

The first theme analyzes the context of the world of pharmacy today in its multiple forms (e.g. laws, fiscal regulations, marketing and merchandising); the second theme involves the testingand utilization of the new products and materials.

We think that aesthetics, marketing and function have to work together with one goal: grow together.

This is what we believe, this is what we do best.

Contact us and you’ll start a new Pharmacy era – are you ready?