®Ral System 8 – extreme versatility of use and best way to let custumers understand the product displayed

Ral System 8 is the latest system launched by Sartoretto Verna Pharmacy design company for pharmacies. The designers focused on two main targets: extreme versatility of use, and the best way to let custumers understand the product displayed.


– It’s a self-standing system that does not require any wall to support it and  can be quickly placed, substituted and moved anywhere in the pharmacy.

– Its minimalist lines and design make RAL8 an elegant system that can be used in every area of the pharmacy, with the goal being as minimally invasive as possible while highlighting the products displayed.

– RAL8 has a drawer for stock at the bottom of each display. The main body is a self-standing back wall with racks on which movable shelves are placed. The top of each display is used mostly for communication purposes.

– Materials used include; steel, ABS, plexiglass and glass, which together provide the perfect balance visually contributing to the professional look and feel of the pharmacy.

Steel is used for structural parts on the bases, rails and shelves. Each steel component is covered by an ABS skin that gives it a softer look.

Thanks to smoothed edges and suitable finishes, all RAL8 parts are nice to touch and see. Plexiglass and glass are the materials used for communication on different levels. The back of the displays, as well as the top of the shelves, can be personalized in different materials in order to add value to certain product lines or categorize different sectors.


How does ®Ral8 add value to the products displayed?

We know how light is important to bring out the products displayed; every shelf is equipped with a LED stripe along its whole length which illuminate the products in the front. The position of LED stripes are anti-glare and they are easy to maintain; it doesn’t interfere when the shelves have to be moved. Shelves can be moved with 2.5cm steps along the vertical axis, and the light turns off as soon as the shelf is detached from the vertical backpanel. There will be no visible cables, in exchange the shelves will have metal joints with low tension and are totally safe.

– The front side of the shelves have double transparent plexiglass labels as wide as the shelves themselves. The lowest is mainly used for product price and information, while the second, indicates the category.

– The top part of the fixture is made by a glass inclined band (carter) and a high vertical one (visual) for information about the relative category/sector; the last one has a light system which provides atmosphere to the display. As an alternative to carter/visual in glass there is a system made by metal and graphics on magnets.

– The space between each fixture has been designed to keep a shaped partition in plexiglass (sail), with a led strip, used specifically used when fixtures along big walls make it necessary to subdivide it into sectors. At the upper part it is possible to implement a plexiglass communication perpendicular to the fixture (a flag), useful to show the sector to the clients when it is impossible to view it from the front.

There is no fixture like RAL8 on the market which can offer six information levels to the products joint combined with such ease of use.

Sartoretto Verna has always believed in the ability of the pharmacy to attract and satisfy the even the most demanding customer.