Ral System 5 helps you to sell better

®Ral System 5 is not only the name of our newest furnishing line for pharmacies but is the result of Sartoretto Verna’s 45 years technical and design experience in studying pharmacy systems.

A beautiful combination between cutting edge technology with 4 patented utilities and a refined formal simplicity in the best Italian tradition with 9 patented designs.  The pharmacist will have a flexible and powerful display tool, which will adapt to daily requirements and satisfy the legitimate curiosity of an ever-demanding clientele.

*          5 different LED visuals for strong commercial input

*          Interchangeability of all lighting components by electroconduction

*          Integrated sensors with interacting capacities with your client (light and movement)

*          Low energy consumption and rechargeable batteries for night atmosphere at zero cost

*          Highest flexibility and rapid configuration

*          Compatibility with widely available accessories

*          Eco-friendly materials (aluminium and glass) recyclable

*          Unique design and formal simplicity


®Ral System 5 will be presented for the first time at the next edition of Cosmofarma in Bologna from 13th to 15th of May 2011.

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