Transparent screen

Plexiglas Barriers for Counters

Plexiglass Desk Protective Screen

(the system complies with any retail activity open to public)

Transparent screen for counter

This protective barrier enables operators to work with the public through appropriate safety conditions.

The panel dimensions, in 5mm thk plexiglass, are 80cmW and 75cmH.

Barrier is well-balanced and adjustable to the majority of counter desks. It is self-standing and completely transparent as well.

The product is a special plexiglass material,  easy to be transported and installed thanks to the flat delivery package.

Installation can be gone through with no problems. The few parts can be put together without any tool. Furthermore, we will assist you via email with an assembly instructions video.

Once you will not be in need of the panel anymore, a few integrations we can provide you with, will transform the item in a handy tool to be used everyday.

Sartoretto Verna offers the screen at just production cost. We have strengthened our production and are making the most of it to comply with requests.

We wish you could appreciate our effort to be beside you throughout this difficult time.

Pharmacy is important, as much as pharmacy operators. The whole society is now appreciating that.


Plexiglass screen Sartoretto Verna
Transparent screen for counters
Transparent screen for pharmacy counter
Plexiglas screen pharmacies
Transparent plexiglas screen for pharmacy
Plexiglas screen pharmacy
Plexiglas protection pharmacies
Transparent barrier for pharmacy
Transparent plexiglas screen Sartoretto Verna

€ 115,00


Transparent barrier for pharmacy
Transparent barrier for pharmacies
Transparent screen pharmacies