Astana, Kazakhstan is about to experience a real revolution!

In just a few months, the first Sartoretto Verna Pharmacy will be completed in Kazakhstan, a nation that is as large as the entire western part of Europe.

We now speak Russian and are proud to have brought Italian design and our innovative concepts to Astana.
Astana, the capital city, has in recent years seen an impulse towards development like none other, and is currently considered “the Asian Dubai”.

Many famous architects are currently building skyscrapers, monuments and new buildings there using the newest most technological materials available.
Our new pharmacy is part of a well known chain in Kazakhstan, and promises to give a breath of fresh air to the market, thanks to the introduction of automation and advanced technology.
With each colour scheme carefully selected through an analysis of the product placement, the customer will find herself in a brightly coloured place, concieved through an array of sinuous curves and brilliant hues that purposefully recollect the chain’s colourful logo.
With each market sector highlighted, the client is sure to find product placement easily identifiable .

Once again, Sartoretto Verna through careful market analysis and customized consultancy has managed to create something entirely unique that is sure to be a driver for sales and make a lasting impression.