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Pharmacy Square at Cosmofarma 2017

Bologna, Italy – The way people live and work is influenced by the evolution of digital technology and even in the pharmacy it’s survival of the fittest.

At Cosmofarma 2017, Sartoretto Verna™ faces the challenges of the commercial environment head on by offering innovative solutions in Pharmacy Square.

Pharmacy Square is made up of three different purchase points organized in a welcoming space:

  • Skin Pharmacy
  • Aloe Vera Pharmacy
  • Athlete’s Pharmacy

These uber-specialized pharmacies have been designed in unique settings and every concept has been planned out with a total personalization of Sartoretto Verna™ products, tailor-made lighting for each section was provided by Ansorg.

For example, a pharmacy might highlight its spatial flexibility whereby you can rearrange the displays quickly and with ease, another might stimulate all 5 senses for a complete sales experience and another might offer services that combine the real and virtual (phygital pharmacy).

To satisfy customer needs in the digital era, pharmacies must offer more than just a product, more than just advice.

Sartoretto Verna™ shows how creating a unique pharmacy experience is essential. From great customer care to a multi-sensorial experience, creating a place where people willingly come to find great solutions for themselves and their loved ones.

At Cosmofarma Bologna 2017, Sartoretto Verna™ has created a pharmacy shopping experience to satisfy people’s needs today.



If we think about the fact that the world we live and work in today is constantly changing, then the pharmacy experience must also evolve, and integrate with digital technology.

In addition, customer behavior analysis and proximity marketing will increase productivity leaving the customer experience to lead the way down the shopping path.

Three ultra-specialized pharmacies surround the central square, much like a market; a place to meet up and share new experiences and sensations.

Our display at Cosmofarma 2017 follows on from our exclusive 2015 multidisciplinary ®iPharma project, where we were able to develop new ideas thanks to the constant dialogue our company has created with the international market.

Pharmacy square has a relaxing commercial beating heart, the starting point for exploring three different pharmacies:

  • Skin Pharmacy for beauty
  • Aloe Vera Pharmacy for nature
  • Athlete’s Pharmacy for sport

All of the pharmacy formats are original, starting with the logo as the flag for a new offer, the result of a new philosophy.

Each area has been created by Sartoretto Verna™ architects and designers, with lighting concepts by Ansorg.



In Pharmacy Square the various shops face the very same challenges that pharmacists find themselves facing and moreover, the competition of online stores to develop new concepts such as:

  • Extreme flexibility
  • Attraction, stimulating the 5 senses
  • Combining the real and virtual

Attracting customers with unique products and services thanks to an environment that knows how to communicate its unique differentiating position is the common theme in all of these pharmacies, replicating today’s retail market.

In the Cosmofarma 2017 Pharmacy Square, Sartoretto Verna’s creative team have allowed themselves to be influenced by their international experience with American and  GCC pharmacy chains:

  • The “market” style stand
  • The creation process of 3 hyper-specialized original pharmacies
  • The use of technology for interaction and proximity marketing

Technology has been integrated in the pharmacy creating the concept of the Phygital pharmacy, of the pharmacy as a place where physical and digital space come together.

“We wanted to do something new and outrageous”

– Luca Sartoretto Verna, M.D. Sartoretto Verna™ –

“Our aim was to improve the pharmacy atmosphere, maintaining its professionality yet moving away from commercial pharmacy stores which act like a market where the the product and the price is the main message.    

We started to delve into the unanswered pharmacy sales questions and then concentrated on what the best customer experience would be. Pharmacy Square is the fruit of this work. ”

Why have an open, communicative and original welcoming area?

“The central area of our stand is where people can meet, it’s a space for sharing and getting to know each other, a place to relax and see that we aren’t trying to sell you something.

– I was very specific about this –

“Pharmacy Square represents the Sartoretto Verna™ philosophy, that you can see all year round at our Rome and Turin offices or here at #CAPSULA, the pharmacist’s creative lab. It’s a place where you can can have a good coffee, snack or drink.  

We hope that this will offer our client pharmacists somewhere to have a break during strategic meetings with the neighbouring pharmacies.  

The stand is an installation where you can absorb architecture, light and the new color and material trends.

Steel beams cross over each other with semi-transparent suspended canvases that divide each which allow you can appreciate the diverse atmospheres, even from the outside.

As soon as you are inside, you can sit in the square and observe all three pharmacies, and explore our strategic proposal on 3 big screens.

Digital technology is integrated in the idea of the square. How important is it to incorporate this technology and how will it improve our customer experience?

“There’s a lot of technology at our stand but it has been secretly integrated into the design.

A very important aspect for Sartoretto Verna™ is guaranteeing that pharmacies stay human.

There will be sensors that analyse customer buying habits, to know which products are gaining the most interest. In particular, we want to know if a certain area doesn’t work so that we can quickly change it.

When will we see the square concept in today’s pharmacies?

“I believe that you can already take the concept expressed in our stand and apply it to sales areas in pharmacies all over the world.

From Dubai to Northern Europe this philosophy interprets customer needs of today, as we have tried and tested in numerous independent and chain pharmacies.”



You can also listen to Pharma  Melody at our stand. Pharma Melody is a selection of music to be played in your pharmacy, to which people can ask for advice, have a herbal tea, admire a painting or simply let themselves be spirited away by the melody.

A FREE copy is available to all pharmacists who register.

Private consultations at the stand are available in our exclusive booth in PAVILLON 26 – B67 C68

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