Cosmofarma Exhibition 2006 – Ral 4

Cosmofarma exhibition

This year Sartoretto Verna unveiled its new line of furniture, the ®RAL System4.

As usual, at this year’s Cosmofarma we unveiled a year’s worth of research into the pharmacy of the future, introducing new forms, technology and materials to improve the pharmacy’s ability to attract customers and help the pharmacist tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Professionalism is an added value that makes the difference.

This year we unveiled fittings that use materials which are even more transparent, light and bright, making the product lines stand out and catch the customer’s eye. The ®Ral system4 display unit is a wave of light with alternating convex and concave curves that provide the perfect background to the video display screens installed in its upper section.


The new system of back-lit self-supporting display shelving patented ®Ral System 4

The design’s clarity and decision puts customers at ease, transmitting clear messages and attracting them due the magnetic effect of this wall of light. The display unit’s base has drawers and cabinets which are be used for storage and make the unit free-standing, thereby doing away with the need for partition walls to support the fittings and divide up the space.

Gondolas on wheels are positioned in the centre of the retail floor and can be used as transparent dividers, able to be adapted for different times of year. The upper section contains logos and signage that can be changed.


®Ral System 4 free-standing gondolas with backlighting

Since customers are becoming more and more demanding and impatient, always wanting their queries to be answered quicker and in ever more detail, pharmacists must nurture a sense of loyalty in customers to keep them from going elsewhere. You can develop customer loyalty by always being helpful and professional. To help achieve this, we have designed a number of fittings for increasing customers satisfaction. Our ®Ral system4 quick and slow service counter is a complete first for pharmacy fittings and has a stool incorporated into its base where customers can ask advise about a certain product in private or pause for a chat while paying.


Quick and slow service counter patented ®Ral System 4

The ®Ral system4 counter has evolved out of an earlier model, the ®Ral system2. A transparent curving panel curves around the stool to create a niche which affords the customer just the right level of privacy.

The demand for herbal remedies, homeopathic cures and other complementary therapies is always on the rise, therefore it is essential to offer your customers an area whose design evokes the natural world. The  ®RAL SYSTEM CLASSIC series has been designed to do just that, and the new version with backlighting has been unveiled here today.


A back-lit transparent tree and an example of ®Ral System Classic display shelving

Window dressing is also important focal point that attracts customers’ attention. We have designed these ®Ralboo display stands to enliven shopfronts with their methacrylatebamboo canes that are lit up by coloured LEDs placed at varying heights. Imitating nature and capturing the customer’s gaze, these bamboo-like canes have rotating circular shelves for displaying selected products.


®Ralboo window dressing stands

To find out more, why not come on down to one of our showrooms in Rome or Turin (appointments available on weekends also) and take a look at all of our latest products and interiors.