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Pharmacy NOW
turn on the lights

To paraphrase J. F. Kennedy’s famous statement …”ask not want your pharmacy can do for us, rather what we can do for pharmacies” … we believe that the time is right for pharmacies to “turn on the lights”, that is come out of the darkness in which they have been languishing up until now and take on the clarity and brightness of contemporary living. There is no lack of positive signs, such as the growing number of white coats standing by counters outside the prescription area, giving specialised advice to customers about cosmetics, dietetics, allergies and other specific topics. Thanks professional training courses and technological advances, the number of complementary services that pharmacists offer to their clientele has continued to grow.

The demand for category management has increased. The awareness of the need to display products according to tried and testing visual merchandising techniques has grown. Last but not least, the desire to be physically near to one’s clientele has become stronger, leading to the introduction of one-to-one counters and robot-operated dispensaries that allow the interaction between customer and pharmacist to continue uninterrupted at every stage of the sale. Come to our showrooms and look around our site to find out about a new type of pharmacy, a harmonious and bright atmosphere with attractive displays where the professionalism of the pharmacist is the uncontested focus of attention.