Pharmacy lighting


Pharmacy lighting is an integral part of pharmacy interior design. Lighting design has a vital role in creating a warm and welcoming ambience. But it can do so much more than that. Skilful selection and design of lighting systems enhance brand visibility. At the same time, they help showcase the shopfront thus enticing customers to step inside. Different types of lighting focus customers’ attention to specific areas and products. All this makes pharmacy lighting design one of the most efficient tools in creating a compelling interior design.

Pharmacy lighting design

Pharmacy lighting is so much more than simple aesthetics and visual appeal. Well-designed and bespoke light fittings help give your pharmacy a unique feel. At the same time, they put your most valued products into the centre of customers’ attention. Achieving that, however, requires professional craftsmanship.


Pharmacy lighting undoubtedly plays an important role in creating the perfect atmosphere. But it also has a role in your merchandising strategy. Skilfully created lighting design ensures that products are illuminated at their best. Different layers and levels of lighting enhance and complement the interior design. And they help customers move forwards specific areas of the pharmacy.

Various types of light sources and fittings can be used to create this effect. Lighting design incorporates three main types of lighting.

Accent lighting

The brightest element of the pharmacy, accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas and products. Brightly lit window displays, for example, grab shoppers’ attention and lure them inside. Brighter light sources inside your pharmacy improve the visibility of selected products. At the same time, they complement and enhance the interior design. Light fittings for this purpose are often incorporated into the ceiling design. Nonetheless, they can be used to illuminate cabinets or shelves to catch one’s attention.


Task and feature lighting

The purpose of task lighting is to illuminate service areas. It needs to allow customers and staff members to see what they are doing. At the same time, it should not overpower the accent lighting. Task lighting can be in the form of a feature light. A specifically designed light fixture, for example, a chandelier or a pendant to focus attention on the activity below.


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the basic background lighting of your pharmacy. A suitable use of ambient lighting helps guide your customer around your pharmacy, without impacting the lighting of products, services or other areas. It should highlight walkways without impacting the accent and task lighting. The lighting over walkways is often recessed into the ceiling or a row of equally spaced pendants.


Choose your lights wisely

Several lighting sources can be used to illuminate your pharmacy. The choice will depend on the level of lighting you want your pharmacy to be given. The most commonly used lighting sources for your pharmacy are:

  • Ceramic discharge metal-halide (CMD) lamps are incredibly bright. As such, they are the perfect choice for accent lighting. CMD lights do a great job in illuminating window displays or highlighting specific areas of the pharmacy.
  • Light-emitting diodes (LED). Being the most energy-efficient solution on the market, LED lamps and tubes are very popular. They have low heat emissions and last for a very long time. At the same time, they are extremely versatile. LED lighting is an excellent choice when it comes to lighting cabinets or ambient floor lighting.
  • Low-voltage downlighters are often used in recessed downlights. They represent a popular choice for creating ambient lighting.
  • Fluorescent lights come in a range of sizes, lengths and shapes. They are extremely efficient and fairly inexpensive. Due to their extreme versatility, they are the perfect light source for illuminating the inside of small cabinets. Fluorescent lights can also be positioned behind ceiling rafts or wall niches. As such, they can give an even glow of ambient light.


Pharmacy lighting with Sartoretto Verna™️

We have been fitting out pharmacies for over 56 years. This time has allowed us to gain extensive experience in all areas of pharmacy shopfitting. As part of our shopfitting services, we pay particular attention to lighting design. We know how to use pharmacy lighting at its best.

We use lighting as a powerful design element to highlight products, create impact and enhance sales. At the same time, we use lighting to create a welcoming and warm ambience that draws customers inside. Through a careful combination of light fittings and sources, we help define your space and highlight merchandise. Together with stunning interior and ceiling design, we ensure your pharmacy gets the shine it deserves. Contact us to find out more. Together we can make something incredible.

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